Business Process Outsourcing

Smart services are the key to unlocking potential business value.


As a business grows, responsibilities increase from within. It becomes necessary to focus more on running the business and less on standard operations. That’s where outsourcing comes to the rescue. Outsourcing frees internal drivers that innovate and propel the business, keeping it competitive and not bogged with busy work.

CDS is an outsourcing service provider delivering end-to-end services that address various needs throughout your business. No matter what part of your operation you wish to outsource, our services identify exactly what’s needed to make the transition execute smoothly. We apply established and effective methodologies to integrate solutions, combining the power of IT with business intelligence. We know you have a business to run, and you want to run it well. Rely on our services to free your focus and direct it on what matters most.

Client Challenges

Businesses must evolve efficiently and extract power from within by utilizing technology to meet a myriad of challenges.  What does this mean? The entire marketplace, in any industry, is now driven by technology. Businesses must address and overcome the challenges of today to stay ahead of the curve, now and into the future:

  • Consumers expect more, faster.
  • Staying on the forefront requires market foresight and innovation.
  • Acquiring technology that delivers – within budget.
  • Flexible growth with reduced cost. 

What CDS Provides

At CDS, we bring significant cost reduction, effectiveness and optimized business operations to you through our business excellence framework. Our focus on integrated, end-to-end outsourcing services delivers results. Recognized globally as a leading provider of services and solutions, we strive to earn and maintain your trust. We continuously focus on process improvements and bottom-line metrics to ensure your business reaches goals that spell success. We are your long-term collaboration partner in co-creation, business value realization and customer satisfaction. We support you as you grow.

Our progression model defines precise steps and outlines expectations, so businesses stay well informed. As a business grows, its needs change. Our services address various areas of your business to help you enhance and grow without added internal expenditures. We ensure that businesses are able to transition as the marketplace changes. Transformation is essential to survival, and ultimately, success.

Our Global Delivery Model enables us to provide flexible Business Process Service support, wherever you are. Our expert consultants are ready to work when you are. Moving an operation that has been internal to your business and has worked is tough. However, know that through our qualified consultants, the transition will be well thought out and executed efficiently. Our transition methodology provides a robust foundation that executes process transition smoothly to create efficient operations.

We provide outsourcing services in the following areas:

    1. Knowledge Process Outsourcing

      Transition information-related business activities that are repeatable and completely defined to our KPO service, freeing you up to utilize the results, rather than worry about managing them. Read more »

    2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

      Acquire top talent through our specialized recruitment services. CDS helps you leverage the expertise we’ve pooled and provided. Focus on placing talent, not finding it. Read more »

    3. Financial and Accounting Outsourcing

      We partner with you to support your financial and accounting needs, ensuring vital parts to running your business are effectively executed. We’ll manage the numbers, while you manage your products. Read more »

Business Value

CDS Business Process Outsourcing Services empower your business with agility and strength to adapt to changing market needs and focus on your business. We work with you to identify business segments that are ready to undergo outsourcing and design a plan to execute the move, allowing you to:

    • Reduce costs – overhead, equipment, employees
    • Transform fixed expenditures into variable costs
    • Free up key contributors to work on core competencies
    • Increase efficiencies in business processes – our experts deliver seamlessly
    • Broaden flexibility by removing standard business bottlenecks