Privacy Policy

CDS is sensitive to privacy issues on the Internet and we feel it is important that you understand how we use information we collect from users who visit or interact with our site.

Access and use of our site is subject to the terms and conditions described below and all applicable laws. When you access or use our site, you implicitly agree to these terms and conditions, without limitation or qualification.

This website is administered by Cogent Data Solutions, LLC (CDS). The primary function of is to provide a resourceful and dynamic tool that helps interested parties learn more about CDS, what it offers  and how our services can help clients. It also serves as a tool for current and future employees to access information pertaining to employment.  All access is secure and controlled, maintaining privacy throughout the entire site.

We only collect server information, when you visit our site, to enhance our performance and help improve the site’s effectiveness. At times, we may ask for email addresses and more details to help better engage with interested parties and be able to serve their needs more appropriately. Examples of when we collect additional details include:

  • When prospective candidates apply for jobs
  • When potential clients wish to learn more about our services
  • When interested parties choose to download insights we offer

We do not sell personal information and we share it with required resources only after explicit consent has been received. We will personally ask for this consent, noting data that needs to be shared and the reason, so you are fully aware of where your information will go.

References to “sensitive personal data” include various categories of personal information identified by the United States of America and other data privacy laws, including laws in other countries. These categories include, but are not limited to: personal data about personality and private life, personal identification numbers, racial or ethnic origin, nationality, memberships in trade unions or professional organizations, physical or mental health or criminal records.

It is our goal to ensure your privacy is protected and to safeguard the security of your data on our site. It should also be understood that the openness of the Internet does not fully guarantee safety, and data that flows over various networks can be accessed and used by unauthorized users.

We leave the decision to you on how much information you wish to share through our website and offer other avenues of communication, when possible.