Message from Our President & CEO -- Anitha Sakamuri

Welcome to CDS, a consulting firm that provides information technology services and solutions to small, mid-sized and Fortune 1000 organizations. I started CDS in 2007 with two goals in mind: Provide our clients superior information technology services and solutions while offering the highest quality service in the most responsive manner.

Our customer-centric approach has grown our cumulative revenue by 800% since our inception.


CDS, headquartered in Hoffman Estates, IL, has three primary national branches and an international office with a best-in-class delivery center in Hyderabad, India.

We are committed to your success

At CDS, we fulfill our clients’ requirements by delivering onshore/offshore solutions cost-effectively. Regardless of the technology employed in your company, CDS is well equipped to deliver fully integrated solutions to meet your exact needs.

In the dynamic, ever-changing software development marketplace, continual adaption is vital. Those companies that avoid change will not survive in today’s economic environment. Historically, frustration and failure surrounding IT departments has emanated from the software management realm. Managers are under constant pressure to deliver new, defect-free technologies to meet a company’s needs. The technologically-savvy are painfully aware that “fast” and “defect-free” are usually mutually exclusive. Here at CDS, however, we have successfully designed a way to deliver defect-free software effectively, in the most efficient way.

Quick delivery with minimal risk

At CDS, we solve the “fast-defect-free” dilemma by delivering exceptional service and optimizing our customer’s IT investments. We leverage speed, nimbleness, and a results-driven approach that companies seek in a partner. Our Global Delivery Model enables us to offer world-class solutions that fit your needs, allowing you to:

  • Realize greater cost savings when operating or maintaining your systems
  • Mitigate potential risks/defects more effectively, delivering improved performance throughout your business 

We strive to help you maximize your ROI

CDS has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity. We provide outstanding solutions to increase productivity, flexibility, agility, and customer-centricity. Whether it’s a best practice approach, solution, or engagement model, CDS helps customers realize substantial returns on their investments. 

Thank you for visiting our site. I welcome your comments and questions via email at or phone at 866.666.1877 Ext: 102. We look forward to being your IT solutions partner.

Once again, welcome to Cogent Data Solutions – Delivering IT with Innovation.