Offshore Staffing Model

Complete Connectivity with Reliable Results – in One Low Rate


Our Offshore Model delivers superior levels of service,  helping businesses realize cost-effectiveness through competitive labor rates and a responsive, synergetic workforce.

We provide a smart and effective way to save money and hire superior talent from India:

  • Our offshore consultants work in our advanced technology center in India, maximizing productivity while slashing consulting costs by up to 70%.
  • You’ll work with talent experienced in complex engagements and available on your schedule, so your project benefits from continuous progress.
  • Our offshore resources work as if in-house, without the overhead. Daily progress reports and close communications facilitate increased visibility and responsiveness.

Clear connectivity to offshore resources, creating seamless and secure project execution.

Our unique offshore sourcing offers complete connectivity between the project and resources on a daily basis and completely safeguards the client’s intellectual property, proprietary software and development specifications in a secure office environment. Clients retain full ownership of all intellectual property rights and source code developed by our resources.

Offshore Staffing That Transcends Traditional Models

  • You control
    • hiring decisions
    • work assignments
    • timeline creation
  • Manage offshore talent as if they were on-site
  • The entire team follows your instructions and reports to YOU, daily
  • Offshore resources are 100% dedicated and visible to your company and project
  • Long-term resources without long-term obligations
  • Offshore Staff works the same hours you work
  • Get a full suite of services – in one low rate
    • recruitment services
    • a professional work environment
    • communication tools and state-of-the-art equipment
    • HR administrative and support services

Benefits to our Unique Offshore Staffing Model

  • Seamless access to experienced resources
  • A skilled sub-team that augments local teams
  • Round-the-clock capabilities reduce cycle times
  • Large-scale, long-term project support
  • 24/7 development effort turnaround
  • Time-to-market at reduced rates
  • Translucent project maintenance
  • Established business processes
  • One hourly rate delivers:
    • Recruitment and HR services
    • Administrative services
    • A transparent work environment
    • Top talent