Specialized Testing

Elevate Quality Assurance Outcomes with Specialized Testing for New Technologies


To rapidly adapt to the changing IT landscape, businesses are opting for off-the-shelf products and customizing them to work with existing applications. With the growing importance of mobility, business intelligence, data warehousing and SOA compliance, expectations of testing service providers, who make these applications perform well, is continually increasing.

Recognizing our customers’ needs, CDS’s range of specialized testing services are built to test applications comprised of newer technologies and off-the-shelf product implementations. Our services and solutions ensure quality by focusing on “Fitness-for-Use” verification and certifications.

Key Capabilities

BI-DW Testing
At CDS, we leverage our expertise in Data Warehousing products, paired with our knowledge of Business Intelligence to offer BI-DW testing solutions. We customize our solutions to fit your environment and are supported by our BI-DW Testing Center of Excellence (CoE).

ERP Testing

Our ERP systems are customized, integrated with legacy and enterprise systems and must be compatible with third-party platforms. Typically, implementations include data migration and localization, mandating robust and proper testing. Our testing CoE builds independent quality assurance blueprints that fit into your overall ERP project schedule, while providing an unbiased measurement of ERP functionality, configuration and interoperability with other corporate systems.

SOA Testing

CDS’s SOA test practice takes a unique approach towards testing applications designed using the SOA model. Highlights of CDS’s SOA testing solutions include:

  • Tailored test approach, test types for SOA applications.
  • Robust and reliable solutions that fit UI-less SOA testing.
  • In-house web services test tools to validate business functionality.
  • Test data generation and easy maintenance for any WSDL version.
  • Depending on existing legacy systems and back-end applications, web services test tools are customized by developing and modifying test scripts to provide an E2E solution for backward compatibility.
Product Testing

Our testing specialization partnerships offer end-to-end testing for product development and implementation testing. Test offerings support the entire lifecycle: from design, development, alpha testing, beta testing, usability testing to integration testing, configuration testing.

CDS’s seamless product testing capabilities include:

  • Product quality process evaluation
  • Creating a solution roadmap
  • Test automation
  • Performing testing activities throughout the entire product life cycle
  • Providing competitive analysis
  • Implementing agile test practices for product environment
  • Independent verification and validation for products
  • Managing end-to-end release processes
  • Creating and maintaining highly reusable test case repositories for products
Security Testing

CDS’s Security Testing service identifies vulnerabilities, validates and rates them, and suggests appropriate remediation strategies. The CoE has dedicated security test experts supported by process and technology, and believes that ensuring security goes beyond mere use of tools.

Test Data Management

This is a key area for any test management service. CDS’s Test Data Management service facilitates easy creation and management of test data, supporting quicker creation and maintenance of data. The test data management component focuses on tool-based creation of the desired volume of data. The platform enables traceability and maintains versions and history of usage, resulting in high data reusability rates. In appropriate scenarios, a pair-wise testing technique is deployed to optimize test data.

Test Environment Management

The availability and optimization of test environments has critical impacts on an organization’s ability to introduce new products and releases, often providing avenues for revenue and service improvements. Twenty percent of releases get delayed due to unavailability of dedicated and correct versions of test environment.

CDS provides end-to-end specialized testing services – Build, Manage and Optimize with complete accountability, SLA adherence and continuous service improvements – combined to add superior value.

Business Value

  • Reduce ERP development, testing costs and improved predictability
  • Accelerated time to market for new products and services
  • Meeting new regulatory compliance and quality accreditation
  • Ready to use Test automation solutions to reduce overall total cost of operations by 25-30%.