Siebel Upgrade Solutions

Why upgrade with us? With a Seibel upgrade solution from CDS, your organization will attain the latest technology in a cost effective, low risk implementation, quickly.


Our innovative solutions assist clients looking to speed time-to-market, reduce costs, improve after-sales serviceĀ and derive actionable insights from customer data to gain a competitive edge. This requires optimized implementation, performance and support – possible with superior CDS Siebel Upgrade solutions.

How do we provide first-rate upgrade services? Our proven methodology and processes ensure quality upgrades and on-time delivery. We know the types of upgrades needed on both business and technical planes; and, we work with our clients to assess benefits and impacts of upgrades. This helps our client understand new functionality, training needs, business data needs and identifies business simplification opportunities. Our assessments also help define technical aspects such as infrastructure requirements, customization, integration analysis and deployment strategy.

Our Siebel Upgrade Solutions team has completed some of the most complex upgrade projects in the industry: Siebel 5.6 to Siebel 6.x, Siebel 6.x to Siebel 7.7 and Siebel 7.5 to Siebel 7.8.