Technical Recruitment Process

Recruitment that Works


At CDS, we have developed and refined our technical recruitment process into a structured model that ensures consistency with our methodology and approach. We drive our recruiting process from client feedback to ensure that our consultants and clients are well served.

We deliver top talent across the IT spectrum with a service level approach. Our Recruiting Methodology leverages proprietary systems, competency-based recruiting and dedicated fulfillment management to match resources with technical and cultural requirements, delivering quality candidates every time. Our comprehensive and thorough process identifies, secures and places talent with a proven approach to candidate evaluation, a dependable HR recruiting process and quality management guiding the entire process.

Our Recruiting Managers are experts who consult, plan, anticipate, execute and measure to achieve success in meeting your resource demands. We proactively and effectively meet your needs to reduce costs and keep projects on schedule.

CDS employs a highly effective 10-step process to secure and deliver the talent it takes to add value.

Step1: Client Job Order
CDS Account managers provide recruiters with details needed to find the right candidates, including:

  • Detailed job description
  • Location
  • Length of contract
  • Start date
  • Other relevant information

Information about the position is collected through direct interaction between a CDS Account manager and client technology managers, internal HR departments and/or MSP’s. The CDS account manager ultimately is on the front line, interacting with the client to ensure that requirements are fully understood and the appropriate candidate is delivered.

Step2: Candidate Sourcing
Our professional recruiters constantly seek both employed and transitional candidates through the use of an internal database, job boards, networks and referrals, keeping the talent pool filled with quality resources.
Step3: Pre-Qualification
We contact potential candidates by phone to measure interest in a specific opportunity, evaluating how it matches their expectations and goals. In this step, CDS recruiters look specifically at how the candidate reacts to the opportunity, interview questions and other factors so that they can gauge technical and cultural competency at a high level.
Step4: Candidate In-person Interview
After passing the pre-qualification step, the candidate will be invited to CDS’s office for a more thorough, one-to-two hour interview.
Step5: Technical Evaluation
During the technical evaluation process, the candidate spends approximately 30 to 45 minutes with a CDS Architect or Practice Lead. They will assess the candidate’s technical depth, including programming languages, tools, coding preferences and philosophies, along with likes and dislikes to help match them with the appropriate role.
Step6: Reference Check
The recruiter verifies at least four references provided by the candidate – two from supervisors and two from co-workers. We also check each reference’s personal networks, focusing on a candidate’s technical performance, character and work ethic.
Step7: Resume Submission
CDS will review the resume with the candidate. The candidate is informed about all possible assignments, and his resume is submitted. After submittal, the recruiter will wait for feedback from the client. If a candidate is requested for an interview, the process continues.
Step8: Client Interview
CDS will prepare the candidate before the client interview:

  • Prep the candidate on interview skills
  • Discuss job requirements in detail
  • Review details about the client’s environment
  • The candidate is instructed to contact CDS immediately following the interview
Step9: Debrief
Once a candidate has finished the interview with the client, a debrief is done by CDS. We’ll discuss interview details, including specifics pertaining to questions asked, difficulty with answers and overall interest in the position. The candidate’s interest in the position is re-affirmed and we wait to hear back from the client regarding interest.
Step10: Candidate Offer
Once the client confirms their interest in the candidate, CDS contacts the candidate, reviews necessary information and makes an offer. When the candidate accepts the offer, he or she then goes through the human resource and contracting process.

The HR Recruiting Process

When the technical recruitment process is complete, the HR and Legal Departments immediately take over, employing a 5-step process that prepares the candidate for the position.

Step1: Knowledge Transfer
In this stage, the CDS recruiter and account executive exchange information with the HR and Legal departments to commence appropriate processes.

Step2: Drug and Background Checks
If the client requests, CDS will ensure that proper drug and background checks are performed on the candidate.

Step3: Closedown
Upon successful completion of background checks, CDS arranges a start date, communicating with both the client and the candidate.

Step4: Contract Paperwork
Once the candidate confirms the start date, the CDS legal department will prepare an appropriate contract. Upon contract signing, all paperwork needed to comply with local regulations will be sent by the CDS HR Coordinator for completion.

Step5: Orientation and Start
The CDS Human Resources Coordinator will conduct a thorough orientation for the candidate designed to empower him as a catalyst for change within an organization. The candidate will start at the organization.