Cloud Intelligence


Computing technology advances have made the collection and storage of Big Data almost effortless. The real challenge lies in managing this data, which comes in all shapes and sizes, keeping the data safe from unwanted observers and applying the right analytic techniques to best utilize it.


Through Cloud Analytics, CDS helps organizations gain valuable insights from large data sets, and—in the critical next step—strategically use that knowledge to drive mission success.

Cloud Analytics is a data driven frontier.  It encompasses the technological and analytical tools and techniques specifically designed to help clients extract information from massive data. It leverages the use of the Cloud and related computing, communications, data management and visualization technologies to efficiently and effectively perform sophisticated analysis on Big Data – be it centralized, distributed, and/or federated – to help organizations use that data to solve complex problems. Cloud Analytic solutions scale with your organization to fit your needs today and into the future.

At CDS, cloud analytics is more than just algorithms – we leverage our expertise to equip clients with end-to-end cloud solutions. Your solutions will come from teams of experts who:

  • understand the underlying issue to be solved
  • fully understand the data specific to your organization
  • will help your organization make best use of that data through tailored applications

It’s through this thorough and complete understanding and use of this data that our experts work with your organization to provide insight, and ultimately, sound financial operations, effective delivery of their mission, discovery of new value and effective decision-making. CDS’s strong cloud analytics capability – and proven experience – helps pave the way to your success.


  • Amazon EC2 Cloud
  • professional ETL tool
  • dedicated database server
  • database backup
  • custom data warehouse database design, reports and ETL scripts
  • ad-hoc reporting
  • dashboards – dynamic and interactive
  • platform and solution tech support
  • solution evolution

Benefits of Cloud Intelligence to Small and Mid-Size Companies

  • scalable solutions without hardware or infrastructure investment
  • timely turnaround – fast implementation means complete BI capabilities in weeks
  • professional management and maintenance
  • improved reliability and security
  • annual commitment, paid monthly

Why CDS for Cloud Intelligence?

Our Cloud solutions offer a full spectrum of BI/DW technology platforms that we customize to align with your requirements, eliminating costly data warehouse hardware and maintenance overhead. We also support the customer’s database preferences (SQL, Oracle, or MYSQL) to create a virtual database environment that is fully maintained and managed by CDS.  We are:

CDS can build you a simple app or deliver an all-inclusive analytics platform over the Cloud.  Depending on what you need, we scale to fit and grow.
Client Focused
We can create a variety of cloud deployments, including private, public and hybrid cloud. Depending on your requirements, we use hosted, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), or Platform as a Service (PaaS) approaches. Should the need arise, we support migrating your cloud applications back on-premise.
Ownership & Control
With CDS’s cloud solutions, you own your data in addition to all of the Intellectual Property (IP) associated with your cloud app.

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