Achieve educational excellence with services that make you globally competitive and empower you to deliver an exceptional student experience with education that works.


Client Challenges

What traditionally was done on paper has now transitioned to the web; and, while many operational functions in this industry are now paperless, there are many frontiers to explore as the boundaries of education expand and the profile of students evolves. Virtual classrooms, performance and results tracking, faster learning, increasing regulations and accountability combine to present a set of challenges that face educational institutions today.

In order to stay competitive and deliver quality service, institutions must define their mission and meet challenges head on:

  • Increasing virtual colleges, educational programs, professional certifications
  • Accelerated expectations of students
  • Increasing regulations and standards

What CDS Provides

CDS applies its expertise and experience in IT services and solutions to expand your offerings in education through technology. In order for an institution to compete in the increasingly demanding industry of education, it must identify and understand what it desires to accomplish, create the roadmap to get there, and adopt technologies that facilitate smooth transition.

CDS works with you to help you evaluate, plan, and transform, with a solution that is a best fit now; and, one that will grow with you tomorrow.

Integrated Education System

Educational systems have expanded from within to encompass students, parents and faculty, bringing them together to enhance the overall educational experience. With connectivity, more is achieved. This involves the integration of existing systems, third-party information providers and regulators.

CDS achieves this integration by leveraging social media, collaborative platforms, and instructional design to set you ahead of the curve.

The Virtual Classroom

Education has gone global. With virtual classrooms, classes can be held from anywhere and the students attend from all corners of the world. This presents the technological challenge of connectivity, but also raises issues of competition on a global scale.

CDS helps you achieve connectivity and compete globally with business models that facilitate partnerships and local presence worldwide.

Student Expectations

Expectations of students have escalated with the presence of technology in every aspect of our lives. The accessibility of information has exploded, and so too has the demand for learning. Students expect quick results when searching for information online. They want classes they can take with them and view on their time. They want an education that not only delivers a foundation for life, but also equips them with skills to be corporate-ready.

Once established in a career, people want to stay current. CDS helps you provide certifications and ongoing education to meet this demand through training, testing and assessments programs.

Our technology solutions deliver education on the go and give you the tools to design instruction that prepares students for today’s corporate world and keeps them competitive.

Regulations and Accountability

Educational institutions have been put in the spotlight with increasing demands from the corporate world. Organizations find the marketplace lacking enough qualified candidates to fill critical positions. In a marketplace buzzing with technological advances and the latest business models, preparation for a workforce that meets these needs has become increasingly important. In light of this, higher standards and measures for accountability require educational institutions to implement models that enable them to deliver educational programs to meet new demands.

The systems CDS provides help you manage metrics and track progress, allowing you to demonstrate “added value” to the workplace.

Business Value

We apply our expertise in Business Transformations, IT Infrastructure and Back-Office Systems to help you:

  • Stay competitive in the global education market
  • Produce a workforce that meets the demands of today’s workplace
  • Deliver quality education through integration