Information Management Services

Transform information into action through data-driven business insight

In today’s market, data drives business. The success or failure of critical decisions hinges on the quality and availability of data that influences judgment. Companies with timely access to strategic information capitalize the most from competitive advantage.


Information Management (IM) depicts an exclusive, enterprise-wide picture of the business, delivering intelligence that fuels smarter decision-making. IM clears the path to seamless information flow, enhances business agility and increases competitive advantage.

With the invasion of Big Data – leveraging the right data has become more challenging. With CDS, you’ll achieve competitive differentiation through our best in class practice, making every IM investment dollar work for your business. Our fully integrated approach unleashes the value buried deep in data. We have the scale, scope and capabilities to make it happen – and we’re ready to help.

We approach data management and integration across all domains – in a different way. Our solutions enable fact-based decision making to meet your company’s operational, analytical and strategic goals. Through distinct processes, proven methodologies and comprehensive solutions, we’ll help you:

  • Transform your enterprise with the right information delivered to the right people at the right time
  • Swiftly navigate dynamic business environments
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Improve agility, efficiency and accelerate time-to-market

Client Challenges

  • Large amounts of disparate data sourced from multiple applications and databases.
  • Wide range of legacy systems creating data migration integration challenges.
  • Exceedingly complex enterprise data structures due to large volumes of data sources.
  • Accurate, complete and timely information is necessary to meet complex regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Ineffective data exchange across business channels leading to incomplete business and customer information.
  • Inadequate approach to data integration, lacking consolidation and unification.
  • Lack of enterprise-wide definitions for data characteristics to support effective strategic decision-making.
  • Poor quality of information – obsolete, duplicated, and lacking consistency.

What CDS Provides

Gain a competitive edge by partnering with our business and technology experts. We provide a holistic vision of information across your enterprise with an IM strategy that ensures:

  • Valuable assets and approaches to rationalize and improve the delivery of structured and unstructured information.
  • Improved data collection, increased data accuracy, and optimized data management.
  • Information storage that is easily accessible, consistently well defined, and clearly understood.
  • Administrative functions to efficiently manage the complex landscape of data storage solutions.

Our innovative model delivers return on information through ready-to-use frameworks, methodologies, accelerators, and tools that support rapidly deployed solutions. Our end-to-end services include strategy roadmap development, technology selection, enterprise solution architecture, information integration, governance, implementation and migration. We streamline and improve the electronic delivery of structured and unstructured information.


Our IM Services deliver throughout the information lifecycle, from information strategy and architecture to compliance and governance, using our framework:

We prioritize IM programs through data assessment. We build a clear roadmap with defined milestones, create a measurable IM benefits model, develop IM definitions, and help you establish consensus on the business value of the IM initiative.
We paint a single picture of reality by consolidating quality data, operational reporting, analytical reporting, and comprehensive data governance.

We work with you to create an Enterprise Information Management (EIM) strategy by:

  • Identifying enterprise redundancies and complexities.
  • Cohesively rationalizing databases, applications, interfaces, technologies, and infrastructure.
  • Incorporating enterprise architecture, health and inventory assessments, and industry-specific data models.
We create an EIM architecture by:

  • Evaluating your needs to buy/build solutions, then develop a proof-of-value assessment.
  • Helping you assess product and solution options.
  • Designing the end solution and implementation plan. We consider business requirements analysis, data, integration architecture, process models and services, data mapping, data quality management, detailed delivery plan, technology evaluation, and proof-of-concept (PoC).
Our solutions enable seamless integration and information exchange across all business functions to drive, monitor, and manage performance. Our oversight program continuously maintains balance between tactical and strategic IM visions and programs.

Business Value

We aim to educate and enlighten our clients on how optimized information management enables high performance.

CDS IM Services help you:

  • Build strategic partnerships with leading product vendors.
  • Utilize talent from our strong pool of IM consultants applying extensive experience across all phases of IM projects.
  • Implement IM services within a mature model that quantifies business benefits from information management investments.
  • By providing a one-stop shop for all of your IM needs, partnering with you from the initial phase to actual implementation.