Partner with CDS to make the most of your PeopleSoft investment. Your foundation is your people – optimize how they work by making your PeopleSoft solution work for you.


Whether you need a new solution or you’re looking to move to the next step, CDS helps you map the right path to take, meeting your needs today while preparing you for tomorrow’s challenges.

Client Challenges

The work climate is ever changing, in sync with the dynamics of running a business. As technology evolves, so too does its usage, requiring business model and workforce changes.  Managing this change means acquiring resources that are well equipped. However, the marketplace for talent is now global, and this talent expects more out of their experience with organizations, looking to grow as the industry grows. Organizations must address the following challenges in order to stay competitive and grow:

  • Efficient management of talent acquisition and retainment
  • Ongoing workforce assessments
  • Investments in workforce
  • Utilizing a system that supports efficient execution of workforce management
  • Administration of systems that support these functions 

What CDS Provides

A PeopleSoft solution from CDS offers superior service and functionality by leveraging our world-class PeopleSoft Practice and Competencies. Our PeopleSoft consultants utilize experience attained over the years to thoroughly design and implement a solution that meets your specific needs. Through a well defined practice, variety of services and technical capabilities, we ensure quality project execution, delivery and support, with the guidance you need from start to finish. Through our unique practice, we apply a methodology to our PeopleSoft expertise that delivers success.

Business Value

Organizations built on strong foundations function at peak performance. Adopting the latest in technology to run your business is only as effective as the people who use it. Organizations must entice and secure the right workforce to leverage this technology to make the process behind the business run optimally.

At CDS, we can provide you with a PeopleSoft solution to achieve just that.  We do it efficiently, and with successful results, allowing you to:

  • Design and execute a successful recruiting program
  • Continually assess and adjust your workforce for optimal performance
  • Align workforce objectives to business success
  • Leverage the power of PeopleSoft to facilitate smooth workforce operations