Offsite Staffing Model

Project Staffing with Reduced Costs

offsiteYou may not always have the space or resources to house the IT resources you need to complete your business initiatives. At CDS, we offer a state of the art software development facility at Hoffman Estates, IL, U.S., equipped with a talented resource pool, network connectivity and sophisticated infrastructure.  This location accommodates more fluctuation and growth than conventional office staffing, providing a solution at reduced costs.

Stay current and informed throughout the project

You maintain ownership and control of your project without committing your own capital or project resources. Our resource-staffed offices keep you well informed of project advancements through daily updates.

This is especially beneficial when the client’s requirements are not well defined and are expected to change during the course of the project. Our staff will be able to understand and accommodate those changes in a faster and more efficient way.

Offsite Staffing Model Benefits

  • Significant cost savings.
  • Eliminates infrastructure and staffing overhead.
  • Flexible resource allocation – specially geared toward fluctuation and growth.
  • Faster response times – 24/7 turnaround of development efforts, if required.
  • Better resource allocation and easy availability of resources with various skills and specialization in the latest programming technologies.