Master Data Management

Information management enlightens across the enterprise through cohesive and collaborative data knowledge

Master Data Management (MDM) is a collection of data management best practices that helps key stakeholders use business applications and information/data management tools to implement policies and procedures to support shared use of accurate master data.


Master Data consists of data, associated metadata, attributes, definitions, roles, connections and taxonomies about critical entities used in various applications across the organization, such as customers, employees, vendors, suppliers and parts.

Master Data Objects (MDO) are:

  1. Data logged in your transactional systems.
  2. Measured and reported in our reporting systems.
  3. Analyzed in our analytical systems.


At CDS, our MDM offerings optimize data management and governance throughout your organization, internally and around it, to help you make better-informed business decisions.

MDM is an ongoing process that requires realigning people and processes to ensure that data, once cleaned and standardized, stays that way.

Client Challenges

Enterprises seeking to efficiently use data that spans across all operations must overcome challenges such as:

  • Lack of organization-wide participation from business and IT teams
  • Keeping master data consistent, complete and controlled across the enterprise
  • Misaligned and inaccurate master data can cause costly data inaccuracies and misleading analytics, which can negatively impact everything from new product introductions to regulatory compliance
  • Lack of comprehensive Data Governance programs
  • Lack of data integration and data quality across various information systems
  • Undocumented knowledge from subject matter experts too busy to share
  • Conflicting business rules for specifications across product families maintained by isolated groups.

What CDS Provides

Our team of technical experts empowers customers with data that is accessible, accurate, consistent, reliable and secure.

Our relationships with leading MDM vendors open doors to the latest technologies and ideas. We continuously enhance our knowledge and skills by developing best-in-class enterprise solutions for every client.

At CDS, we understand that master data can influence decisions in every functional area—from CRM to finance to human resources. Our unique methodologies support the MDM journey to perform better over the long-term.

We help you from start to finish: beginning with vision development to strategy implementation, for a sustainable MDM program.


Business Value

Using CDS‘s MDM framework, project steps are broken down into logical phases, identifying tasks and goals within each phase.

CDS consulting services deliver a singular view of your enterprise, consolidating master data across disparate systems, driving competitive advantage and allowing organizations to pursue strategic initiatives with greater confidence.

CDS helps you synchronize intra- and inter-enterprise data for real-time MDM across business units and systems. This provides you with total control throughout the data life cycle, and helps:

  • Reduce operational costs through improved internal collaboration with business partners through a single MDM repository
  • Increase revenues with improved customer service and increased customer interactions
  • Provide an opportunity to consolidate application functionality
  • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs
  • Achieve regulatory compliance and operational standards easily and economically
  • Improve control across the value chain by maintaining a single version of facts and figures
  • Rely on reports generated from governed processes that use master data and reduce inconsistencies
  • Reduce the complexity of integrating new data and systems into the organization, increasing agility and improving competitiveness