SOA Assessment and Roadmap

Decisive Vendor-Neutral Perspectives On Your SOA Capabilities 


CDS Assessment and Roadmap services for SOA delivers a decisive, vendor independent perspective on existing and future SOA capabilities. We outline and document an SOA recommendation roadmap based on:

  • The SOA Maturity Model
  • Comprehensive assessments of several enterprise SOAs
  • Inventory of services, depicting dependencies and adoptability

Our SOA Assessment and Roadmap solutions help you identify potential risks and gaps and provide mitigation strategies and recommendations – to better prioritize SOA initiatives.

Client Challenges

Deciding on SOA and choosing the appropriate solution requires a complete understanding of your current architecture and what you hope to achieve.  Companies investing in SOA often face the following roadblocks:

  • Accurately assessing the strengths, weaknesses and risks associated with the existing architecture
  • Recommending better alternatives and refining the existing architecture
  • Creating a high-level architecture road map with a risk mitigation plan

What CDS Provides

We outline a framework that defines capabilities and services

Our SOA experience and expertise delivers dependable support for integration and consolidation activities. SOA does not provide a framework for documenting capabilities or services – but we do.

Our SOA Assessment and Roadmap services include:

Business Strategy and Process Analysis
Develop a Strategic Services Blueprint to specify the future state of the reusable services catalog.
Design and document the conceptual architecture needed to support the business services roadmap.
Projects and Applications
Identify initiatives needed to build the architecture and processes that support the business. Create a high-level project plan for these tasks.
Costs and Benefits
In an SOA, IT responsiveness is improved and maintenance costs are significantly reduced, providing compelling cost-benefit analysis.
Organization and Governance
Align the need for organization, people, process and technology change with strategic objects in a rationalized and prioritized time line.

Business Value

Organizations gain numerous benefits with our SOA Assessment and Roadmap solutions, such as:

  • Architectural elements that follow industry best practices
  • Complete alignment with SOA principles
  • A set of actionable tasks that can be estimated for feasibility and ROI
  • SOA project tracking to achieve technical and business objectives
  • Increased business agility and alignment with IT
  • Early risk detection and mitigation
  • Identification of operational inefficiencies and gaps in the architectural development process
  • Enhanced system management
  • Alignment with emerging technologies and open standards such as SOA, Web 2.0 and WS-BPEL