Master the essence and value of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing from CDS – we make it clear – you make it work. inspire We cultivate a clear understanding about the power behind Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Possessing knowledge of the benefits behind DW/BI solutions and services creates endless possibilities for your organization. You’ll map functionalities to your specific needs as you learn more – discovering the value of DW/BI. You’ll quickly capture and comprehend through our quality instruction that:

  • Targets training to your specific needs
  • Educates about the business benefits
  • Defines attainable goals met by DW/BI
  • Reveals insights and supports collaborative learning

Onsite Training Courses

Experienced instructors train onsite to educate employees, business users, IT management and developers about DW/BI. We provide all that is needed to ensure you fully understand what DW/BI offers, what it’s composed of, and how to maximize the benefits behind DW/BI solution. Our instructors have years of experience training professionals and students – we guarantee quality instruction that delivers.

Training at CDS

If you are close to one of our facilities, attend courses at our location.  You’ll benefit from learning alongside attendees from different organizations, creating a forum of unique ideas and approaches when learning about the several topics we cover on Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.