Data Modeling

Unify and organize your data into a singular, effective vision


Businesses that can easily identify, understand and consume data throughout their enterprise can improve the value of the information that lies within. Correctly designed models help create a clear picture of data from disparate sources – so clarity comes easily.

Client Challenges

As organizations grow and employ different applications and repositories, the challenges in creating a unified vision from islands of data become increasingly complex.  It is, however, an exercise that is crucially essential when creating an enterprise that seeks to leverage data found from all sources and present it as a single vision across all levels of the business.  Challenges that must be overcome include:

  • Data models that are reusable, reducing effort down the road
  • Creating models that both IT and business can understand
  • Defining a model that recognizes legacy systems and correctly represents data in its final stage

What CDS Provides

Our Data Modeling service creates effective data models providing organizations with customized, business-specific solutions that meet evolving needs, keeping businesses on the forefront of data ingenuity. We leverage tools and proven methodologies to customize existing models and create new ones to increase business performance.

We offer the following modeling services:

  • E-R modeling: Dependable modeling of various databases that shape legacy systems
  • Dimensional modeling:  Schema designs leveraging off-the-shelf solutions
  • Business modeling: Creating a strong view of the business through effective BI tools and KPI-driven dashboards

Business Value

Our Data Modeling services help you:

  • Create an enterprise data model from all your informational assets
  • Understand and manage modeling, maintenance, and tracking of historical and current trade information
  • Enhanced business agility with data models that accommodate changes in business