Partner with CDS to reap strategic benefits inherent to a Siebel system.


As a prominent vendor of interoperable e-business software, Siebel systems equip companies with robust customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource management (ERM), and partner relationship management (PRM) applications to automate vital aspects of a business and allow an enterprise to perform and coordinate associated tasks globally.

Client Challenges

Staying ahead of the curve in the business world requires organizations today to identify goals, understand internal limitations and address both with the right technical solution. Businesses face a multitude of challenges easily overcome with the appropriate solution from the right provider:

  • Rapid identification of issues and opportunities
  • Quick architecture, design and implementation with reliable outcomes
  • Guidance throughout all phases
  • Reliable support and upgrades

What CDS Provides

CDS combines expert talent from its Siebel Practice with our own unique Siebel Roadmap Methodology to create and deploy solutions for success. We provide comprehensive consulting solutions ranging from the initial stages of strategy development through Siebel application support. CDS’s unique global delivery model accelerates implementation time, resulting in quicker results and immediate ROI, helping our customers realize the strategic benefits of a well-designed system.

Siebel Roadmap Implementation Methodology

Our methodology accelerates project implementation by focusing on key strategies and tactical areas. This focus helps us create a solution that maximizes return on investment. Our team uses its expertise in minimizing business risk to facilitate completion of your Siebel business solution.

Our Siebel roadmap implementation supports effective project management by scheduling logically grouped activities into distinct stages. Another vital role of this implementation allows for management and control of techniques used throughout the entire project lifecycle.

These distinct stages, shown below, are iterative in nature, allowing our customers to realize the benefits of their new business system, sooner. We map the test process to our iterative approach by aligning test activities to initial stages in the roadmap, to support early and ongoing issue resolution and communication.Siebel_Roadmap_Implementation


CDS creates effective CRM process flows that leverage the power of tools internal to each Siebel system, resulting in best-in-class solutions. CDS follows standards for templates and documentation, ensuring successful solution outcome. This results in CRM process and technology leadership through tool reuse and the delivery of high quality projects.

CDS’s Siebel consulting provides the following solutions:

Business Value

Realize the latest in technologies with a partner you can rely on.  CDS will equip your organization with a solid team of professionals armed with deep knowledge of business processes, technical acumen and Siebel expertise.  We combine all elements to design and deliver a solution for success and help your organization realize:

  • Efficient business operations through rapid solution deployment
  • Improved analytics for better planning
  • Automation of critical functional areas to facilitate efficient operations
  • System evolution, keeping your system running at peak performance
  • Reliable support defined by well-defined agreement