SOA Governance

Achieve Compliance with an Innovative Approach to IT Governance


With Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), businesses can manage and implement projects to reuse the service portfolio and achieve compliance. CDS provides SOA Governance solutions that help organizations develop principles and policies that align SOA projects with enterprise transformation strategies.

Our SOA governance solutions involve interaction between decision makers, policies and processes; and, they become an extension to the IT Governance and Enterprise Governance framework.

Client Challenges

While managing SOA projects, common challenges faced by organizations are:

  • Establishing decision rights for your SOA environment within existing IT systems.
  • Defining business services with measurable value.
  • Managing the lifecycle of service assets.
  • Defining new decision rights that are currently prevalent between the business and the IT infrastructure.

What CDS Provides

We help organizations fulfill compliance requirements

CDS utilizes an SOA Governance Model Framework to develop policies and principles that manage projects throughout the SOA lifecycle. Our governance modeling helps you achieve service portfolio compliance, reuse and optimization, reducing the risks of SOA adoption.


Our SOA Governance solutions encompass the following:

  • Defining goals, strategies and constraints.
  • Integrating SOA governance with existing governance standards, specifically at the enterprise architecture, portfolio management, Program Management Office (PMO) and SDLC/service lifecycle levels.
  • Utilize standard SOA governance tools, organizational designs, processes and policies, to close SOA governance gaps in your enterprise – fast.
  • Placing governance mechanisms into their respective positions.
  • Analyzing and improving existing processes.
  • Provide a framework that scales for SMB to large enterprises and effectively provides SOA governance in complex organizations.
  • Refining SOA to proceed to the next maturity level.

Business Value

An SOA Governance solution from CDS provides:

Quick resolution to problems
SOA governance speeds resolution when issues arise.
Efficient use of existing services
Agreement on services that provide maximum value encourages pervasive adoption and reuse of those services while reducing wasted effort and cost.
Reduced TCO
Through promotion of IT system and process re-use, you enjoy reduced TCO.
Improved SOA efficiency
Manage project outcomes better with a more efficient SOA.
Enhanced visibility and management
Manage your SOA assets and infrastructure effectively with enhanced visibility.
Measurable progress
Using your investment in SOA, increase growth and ROI.