Banking & Financial Services

CDS utilizes business-focused technology services with a unique end-to-end approach to optimize your IT investments.


Client Challenges

The global banking and financial services industry has recently faced unprecedented challenges. The effects of the financial crisis continue to dramatically upend the global economy, leaving many with a feeling of uncertainty for the future. In our fast paced world, everyone seeks financial security, in some form or another. CDS understands this and works with you  to uncover opportunities that build your business.

In the Banking and Financial Services sector, businesses face many challenges to stay competitive and lean:

  • Delivering superior customer service
  • Increasing regulations and tighter security requirements
  • Efficient management of price pressures

What CDS Provides

At CDS, we understand Banking and Finance, as well as the challenges specific to this industry. We’ll provide you with solutions and services that address your most pressing business requirements. By combining our technological capabilities, global delivery model, thought leadership and proven methodologies, we bring complete competency to areas that drive success.

Client-Centric Solutions

CDS helps you extract maximum value from customer and product information by eliminating silos and optimizing information processing. This facilitates effective cross-selling, increases customer satisfaction and improves brand image.

With customer expectations continually on the rise, online capabilities require increasing amounts of comprehensive interactions to improve customer traffic and maintain the loyalty of current clients.

CDS offers end-to-end solutions that start with strategic Web & Portal Design and continue through to the launch and management phases for feasible output.

Information Management and Reporting

In today’s economy, it is highly critical to make the right information available at the right time to the right people. Emerging from the financial crisis, the lesson learned is:  dependable regulatory processes and information transparency fuel financial success. Customers feel confident about making decisions when the information they need is available precisely “when” they need it.  This drives business, no matter what the industry.

CDS plays a strategic role in moving organizations forward by following best practices in Information Management and Reporting. The systems we design support consistent data capture and reporting, facilitating easier and wiser decision-making.

CDS incorporates customizable reporting and predictive business analytics as key aspects in their solutions to help you make better-informed and well-timed decisions.

Rapid Integration of Business and Technology

Technology is a key component in the business landscape. Technological advancements and presence in digital markets drive organizational growth.  Mergers and acquisitions are at an all-time high, and with good reason. They are strategic to the success of institutions looking to gain a competitive edge. However, before the resulting enterprise can realize any economies of scale, disparate business and IT function must integrate.

With a proven track record, CDS offers accelerated project timetables and stringent governance models to strengthen the seams in “patchwork” application environments – uniting components that make your business run smoothly.

Operational and Technology Process Improvement

At CDS, we are all about process. Leveraging our industry knowledge, experience with contemporary solution architectures, and our strategy and implementation methodologies, we help clients develop and execute plans that modernize core applications. We believe in understanding client requirements first, and then phase out real time solutions accordingly to create profitability.

We understand the global demand for IT, and provide a full spectrum of application & integration services, consulting & advisory, and business process outsourcing.

Business Value

Our scalable, cost-effective services and solutions unite business processes with IT to address the nebulous challenges of an evolving marketplace. We empower our clients with:

  • Increased operational capacity
  • Cost reduction
  • Improved customer relations and loyalty
  • Standards for regulatory and risk management
  • Optimized business processes
  • Simplified transactions
  • Business and IT strategy alignment
  • Minimized risks associated with upcoming market trends

Our goal is to deliver solutions that grow your business.

Segments We Serve

  • Asset & Wealth Management
  • Investment Banking & Brokerage
  • Card Issuers, Merchant Acquirers, and Payment Processors
  • Clearing & Settlement Organizations
  • Commercial, Investment andRetail Banking Services
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Exchanges, Clearing & Service Providers
  • Stock and Commodities Exchanges