Microsoft Dynamics SL

The everyday business challenges of shrinking margins, increased competition and the complexities of managing a large client roster make the orthogonal relationship between project management and business operations demanding.


Several internal processes, such as project milestones, resource management and evolving client needs, must be managed simultaneously and in conjunction with overall business objectives. Flexible Microsoft Dynamics SL solutions from CDS streamline processes and track details, freeing you from daily details to focus on what you do best. Customized dashboards disclose precisely the right amount of information to each user’s role while a familiar interface encourages quicker user acceptance. Partner with CDS and allow our solutions to empower you.

Key Highlights

  • Project Estimation that is reliable and accurate.
  • Real-Time Reporting that reveals key information.
  • Optimized Project Support improves process efficiency.
  • Compliance-related information is easily accessible.
  • Track and analyze project ROI effectively.
  • Accurate budgeting, forecasting and estimating.
  • Flexibility in time and expense, project tracking and financial analysis – done locally or on the Web.
  • Supports complex multi-level markups, unlimited billing formats, change order control and contract administration.
  • Monitors project performance for analysis, resource allocation and proactive planning.
  • Straightforward project management, cost estimation and materials management.
  • Distributor support in requisitions, purchasing, inventory, receiving, sales orders, billing and overall sales solutions.
  • Automated invoicing resulting in increased productivity.
  • Quick Custom Reports supporting smart decision making based on real-time data.