Big Data

“Every hour, enough information is consumed by Internet traffic to fill 7 million DVDs. Side by side, they’d scale Mount Everest 95 times.” – McKinsey Global Institute


Data is exploding exponentially and the spread of technology affects everything we do. Big Data is the buzz everywhere. It refers to colossal data sets found in larger volumes, greater variety and higher complexity, generated at a rate that continues to climb. Big Data is more than a factor of size; the inherent value of its content, used properly, creates opportunities for insight and strategy to catapult a business to success.

The use of information, intuition and foresight effects astounding value throughout all aspects of business. Organizations secure a competitive advantage when they leverage analytics to differentiate themselves amongst competitors while maintaining rock-solid standards at the core of operations. Using analytics, organizations can anticipate customer behavior and understand market trends to become nimble and responsive, and advance to the next level.

Big Data promises big benefits, but also poses a big challenge. In addition to its increasing volume, Big Data is highly complex. Up to 90% of Big Data is unstructured—flowing outside manageable standard file structures or formats. Additionally, Big Data is characterized by high velocity, as streaming data can require mere milliseconds to respond.

Our Solutions and Capabilities

CDS is your partner in managing and using Big Data. We help you decipher the information that flows within and around your business, so you can capture and consume it, wisely. Our methodologies outline early identification of all types of data in solution design for more accurate results. We guide you from start to finish helping create, monitor and maintain a system that produces results.

Early Discovery of Data Analytics

Experience has shown that early and rapid identification of the data improves project planning accuracy. We rely heavily on early discovery to effectively design and execute your data analysis by:

  • an open business discussion, to grasp the pain points
  • data extraction, followed by a rapid data discovery analysis

This allows us to verify the feasibility of the initial project goals and, in some cases, results in the discovery of alternative goals, such as the identification of unexpected ‘low hanging fruits’.

Text Analytics

CDS helps customers discover critical information through the extraction of facts, relationships, entities, topics and sentiment from unstructured data, which comprise approximately 85% of the information stored electronically. Where is this data coming from?  It’s embedded in the voice of the customer when he sends emails or completes surveys. It’s in the Social CRM, e-Services, research and e-Discovery programs companies use to measure the pulse of their business. CDS uses natural language processing technology and advanced linguistic techniques to tap into key sources of critical data, and delivers it in a way that helps you understand where you stand and what to do next.

Strategy and Solutions

CDS helps you reshape your IT infrastructure to support these growing masses of data – from e-mails and social media to website downloads – and converts them into constructive information. Our Big Data solutions encompass strategy, design, implementation, protection and compliance. We deliver these solutions in four steps:

Big Data Architecture Strategy
We’ll define the functionalities and capabilities needed to align your IT with your Big Data initiatives. Through transformation workshops and roadmap services, you’ll learn to capture, consolidate, manage and protect business-aligned information, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.
Big Data Application Engineering
We deploy a wide variety of scalable, high-performance, integrated platforms to support strategic architectures for Big Data. This ranges from Big Data application implementations, using a map-reduce platform, to the re-engineering of legacy ETL/DW systems such as Pig and Hive. CDS transforms Big Data into priceless information.
Big Data Analysis
Our comprehensive portfolio of services delivers a wide range of business analytics such as financial recovery, churn management, loyalty card data, inventory optimization, pricing optimization and real time fraud detection.
Big Data Protection
We ensure availability, security and compliance of Big Data systems. Our consultants help you safeguard your data, achieve regulatory compliance and lifecycle protection across your Big Data landscape, as well as improve your backup and continuity measures.

With our field-proven, integrated approach, we can help you transform your IT infrastructure for Big Data, from servers and clusters to storage and networking.

We unleash the power of your data.


After we’ve got your organization up and running, we ensure continuous operation.

  • We provide services such as maintenance, administration, cluster management and 24/7 support
  • We monitor in-depth exposure to systems and pipeline performance
  • We tune and optimize performance
  • We provide scalability and capacity planning
  • We train – so you utilize your system to capacity

Business Value

Through our solutions and capabilities, we deliver value to your business:

  • The ability to tap into all types of information
  • Improve insights based on analytics to drive growth and enhance cost management
  • Evolve according to changing regulatory requirements
  • Quickly re-orient your business processes at a granular level in response to business environment changes
  • Provide insights to real-time analysis
  • Improve business outcomes and manage risk, now and in the future

Big Data Technologies We Support

  • Environments: Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, Zookeeper
  • Log Processing: Chukwa, Flume, Honu, Loggly, Scribe, Splunk
  • Data Store Integration: HBase, SAP HANA, Teradata Aster, Vertica
  • Data Analysis: Hive, Impala, PIG, R, Stinger
  • ToolsEsper, Oozie, Sqoop
  • Machine LearningMahout
  • SearchElasticsearch, Solr
  • Distribution: Apache, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR
  • NoSQL Databases: Cassandra, MangoDB, Solr
  • Cloud Compute Platforms: Amazon AWS, Google Computer Engine, Rackspace OpenCloud

Take advantage of our Big Data expertise to leverage your data and better manage your business through Customer Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Financial Strategy and Performance and Management Analytics.