The alliance between CDS and Informatica gives rise to data integration solutions that streamline information management and analytics, empowering business and IT directives for our customers.



Informatica Corporation is a leading independent provider of data integration software. Organizations around the world gain a competitive advantage in today’s global information economy with timely, relevant and trustworthy data driving top business imperatives. Thousands of enterprises worldwide rely on Informatica to access, integrate and trust their information assets found in traditional enterprise, off premise and in the cloud. Visit the Informatica website for more information.

CDS & Informatica

informaticaWorking together, CDS and Informatica empower organizations to utilize the capacity of their data from on-premise, business partner, cloud-based and social networking sources. We represent the pinnacle of expertise in data integration for our clients. Our strategic alliance leverages the power of the Informatica Platform to produce innovative solutions for big data, cloud/software-as-a-service, data migration, data quality and master data management—arming clients with the ability to integrate and harness business insights through analytics.

We leverage the following to achieve this:

  • CDS has 50+ Informatica trained consultants with expertise in data integration
  • Product Suite expertise including B2B Data Exchange, Application Information Life Cycle Management, Data Masking, Enterprise Data integration, Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data replication
  • We apply the appropriate blend of onsite and offshore models to deliver scalable cost effective solutions
  • Dedicated lab focused on enhancing the Informatica platform to enrich, accelerate and customize our deployments so that customers see faster returns
  • Big Data Center of Excellence to enhance existing and new engagements by leveraging Informatica to handle Social Data and Hadoop challenges.

We help our customers face and resolve business challenges across several industries including Health Care, High Tech, Manufacturing, Retail, Entertainment, and Consumer Goods.  We have:

  • Improved decision-making, accuracy, and business agility
  • Increased profitability with a reduction in cost
  • Overcome information silos, hidden assets, and data inconsistencies
  • Empowered clients to drive operational and analytical initiatives with the delivery of dependable information
  • Improved data quality with quicker visibility
  • Eliminated manual processes
  • Provided the capability to handle massive volumes of data and increase business demand/drivers
  • Managed risks and compliance
  • Streamlined mergers and increased acceleration of acquisitions


  • Architecture, Installation and Configuration of the Informatica Product Suite
  • Enterprise Solutions
    • Data Integration: combining critical data from disparate sources to create a unified view
    • Data Governance: ensuring trustworthy data through data discovery, profiling, MDM, and data lineage/archiving
    • Data Migration: tools and methods to migrate your data faster with reduced cost and risk
    • Data Quality: aggressive monitoring and data cleansing to empower our customer’s business and IT organizations to collaboratively ensure authentic data across the enterprise
    • Master Data Management: providing specific, timely, and relevant views of results (Customer, Product, Patient Master)
  • Testing Services: System, Functional, Regression, Load and Performance testing
  • Support and Maintenance: 24/7 monitoring and support, software patches and upgrade management
  • Comprehensive set of resources, materials and templates to streamline project delivery
  • Training to help you maximize the value of your Informatica Platform

CDS professionals are experts in Informatica technology and continuously grow their skills through Informatica Education Team training sessions. Our dedicated Informatica Practice empowers us to provide solution architecture, opportunity assistance, staffing, product and offering development, capability development and thought leadership.