Microsoft Dynamics

We’ll help you leverage the high-impact offered by Dynamics solutions to make your CRM stronger, your operations smoother, and your bottom line, bigger.


Client Challenges

Businesses across the globe face the constant challenge of effectively operating within business models and financial limits. These challenges are present throughout, starting at executive level decision making down to the manufacturing floor. They realize the best way to break free from those shackles is to adopt efficient operational processes to make the most of their resources.  Many look to the diverse offerings provided by Microsoft Dynamics; however, leveraging the power in each solution is a task best championed with the right partnership.  A partnership with CDS helps organizations overcome:

  • Demanding requirements for efficient implementations and maintenance of solutions
  • Challenges inherent in cost of ownership and maintaining optimal operations
  • Finding solutions that meet their needs, technically and financially
  • Solutions maintained in-house, with reduced dependence from others

What CDS Provides

The Microsoft Dynamics team at CDS offers solutions that empower organizations to expand the possibilities for competitive advantage by presenting opportunities to potential issues. Microsoft Dynamics offers flexible, powerful business solutions in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) paving the way to greater success through increased productivity.

Our MS Dynamics Practice embraces the Sure Step Methodology, incorporating industry best practices and business processes acquired over years of experience to maximize return on investments. To extract best value for our clients, our team employs research initiatives and technology previews to showcase possibilities, so customers see the potential before investing. We offer best-in-class products ranging from Customer Relations Management solutions to Retail Management Systems. Each offering is designed to meet specific business challenges to deliver the precise solution for scalability and organizational growth.

Our expert Microsoft Dynamics team, many of whom are Microsoft Certified, dedicate their expertise and superior service to all our customers. Our Team, guided by quality project managers, combines the appropriate balance of functional and technical resources, driving your businesses to higher profitability through our distinct and effective practice.

Our Service Offerings

Business Value

A solution is only as good as its fit.  Our MS Dynamics Team at CDS will ensure that you use the right solutions in the right places to extract maximum value from not only the application, but from the well-oiled machine that is your business:

  • Implementation timelines that deliver success – when you need it
  • Financial and technical management solution ownership
  • Immediate ROI on solutions and services
  • Solution accelerators that breakdown roadblocks early, facilitating quick delivery