Application Migration & Modernization

Application Modernization Brings High-Performance to Legacy Applications


Senior technology executives must constantly perform a balancing act: meet evolving business demands while extracting maximum value from existing IT systems. With 70% of an organization’s global transactions running on legacy applications, doing more with less is no easy feat.

“Discover-Monitor-Maintain” to modernize applications

CDS’s Application Migration & Modernization offering allows IT to expunge unnecessary operating costs, while reducing capital expenditures and liberating IT staff resources. CDS has a well-defined methodology for Application Modernization called Discover-Modernize-Maintain (DMM), and is based on our approach.

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The CDS Advantage

Migrating, re-platforming, or remediating legacy applications

We’ll help you decide what’s best: migration, a new platform or remediation of legacy applications.

The results – more value from existing applications at minimal cost, limited disruptions and reduced risk – executed in three phases:

We identify and understand all business drivers and objectives through an in-depth study of your application landscape. We:

  • Evaluate the level of documentation.
  • Analyze the current state of your application portfolio.
  • Reverse engineer applications, if needed.
  • Develop a blueprint for your future application roadmap using our 5Rs methodology:   Retain|Re-Engineer|Replace|Retire|Reuse
We outline a modernization or migration readiness plan for your applications and their related databases. Based on previous analyses, we blueprint applications’ and databases’ future design. We will also create a “sunset plan” to decommission the legacy system.
We make use of the robust and mature “Transition-to-Transformation” framework to support and maintain. This framework standardizes and stabilizes modern/migrated applications via training and continuous service improvements.

We instill agility and efficiencies into legacy systems with our industrialized assets, specialized skills, and global delivery capabilities:

  • We bring informed perspectives and experience to provide new, cost-efficient ways to host applications and adapt platforms.
  • We help IT leaders extract value out of existing systems over time while reducing costs and business disruptions.
  • We ease the challenges of moving beyond legacy platforms through proven planning, assessment and diagnostic tools, and straightforward migration processes.
  • We provide dependable outcomes through collaboration to generate results using definitive plans and firm program-management disciplines.

Clients see fast results because our application modernization professionals work in flexible teams that can be assembled and deployed rapidly. Our modernization methodology delivers measurable value:

Tool-Based Analysis
  • 15-20% overall reduction in the effort for analysis.
  • All outputs are delivered in a standard format and appearance.
  • Analysts focus energies on quality blueprints and roadmaps.
  • Reduced rework and improved future system maintainability.
  • Modernization blueprint that is platform-neutral.
  • Modernize on your terms – Grow As You Go
  • Enterprise-wide platform standardization.
  • Modernized applications are aligned to your business roadmap.
  • Increased application reusability through abstraction.
  • Reduced investment impact and risk already made on aging systems.
  • Increase legacy system ROI by bringing more value from modernization.
  • Application Intelligence: effective traceability of functional and technical artifacts within legacy and modernized applications.