Mobility Services

Transforming the User Experience

mobilityMobility is the global phenomenon that’s transforming the world in multiple ways. Smartphones and tablets are the new battleground for attracting and engaging consumers to brands, turning customer service into 24/7 interactions based on context. Mobility detaches IT services from desktop dependency, making businesses move faster, transform flexibly and run efficiently.

Mobile application development comes with numerous benefits and challenges. Enterprises must strive to address challenges regarding security, architectural choices, user experience needs, device diversity and the development process in order to be successful. At CDS, we draw on our experience and vision to help you overcome these challenges and create uncompromised connectivity.

Client Challenges

Though there is a strong business case for enterprise mobility, adoption within the industry has been slow. Some of the key reasons impacting the pace of adoption are:

  • Enterprises often find themselves grappling with adoption because of a fragmented marketplace and confusion in selecting from platform and technology choices
  • Leadership teams at organizations believe that mobility solutions create market differentiating advantages; however, the absence of a strong business case for returns impedes the pace of executive decision making

What CDS Provides

CDS Mobility Services allow clients to plan for and reap enterprise benefits that create measurable outcomes and increased business performance. We help organizations simplify enterprise mobility with an integrated end-to-end mobile solution designed to make the business, employees and customers more effective by enabling businesses to:

Gain Insights & Control

Business and operational insights help you securely manage mobile resources while identifying areas of inefficiencies and opportunities. 

Mobilize Information

Improve efficiency by enabling mobile access to the existing enterprise or to new applications designed to improve employee productivity and increase customer engagement. 

Be Enterprise Agile

Meet the demands of the mobile enterprise with reliable, secure and agile processes and resources that support the growth and demands of the mobile business environment.

CDS mobility services cover all aspects of enterprise and consumer-facing mobility.

Mobile Strategy & Architecture

Mobility with a New Perspective

CDS mobility strategy consultants apply their mobility and vertical industry expertise as they engage and understand your existing business processes and roadmap and help you make key changes to leverage the power of enterprise mobility. Strategy services include:

Architecture Selection: We help you choose the mobile-client architecture approach that best fits your needs – native, hybrid or web application.
Process Creation: We evaluate and understand current processes to fully grasp how mobility initiatives can benefit your operations through savings in time and money.
Roadmap Definition: By mapping business objectives to mobility usage, we define the ROI and the corresponding mobility roadmap.
Build or Buy: We’ll help you evaluate and decide if it’s better to build from scratch or buy.
Selecting Vendors: By evaluating specific products and solutions from distinct vendors, we’ll assist with your RFIs.
New Technologies: We stay abreast of new technologies and advancements in social media, gamification, location services and enhanced reality, so our recommendations come when they benefit you the most.

Mobile Environment Management

Holistic management for mobile solutions

CDS Mobile Environment Management is our term for a more holistic management approach to both devices (MDM) and applications (MAM). We offer a complete lifecycle of mobility solutions that focus on the following:

  • MDM for all operating systems including: Android, iOS and Win8 BB
  • Mobile applications development and maintenance services
  • Mobile application testing services
  • Mobile Content Management
  • Mobile Lifecycle Management – End to End
  • Mobile End User Enablement, Monitoring and Support
  • Data capture and analytics solutions

Mobile Application Development & Maintenance

Dependable development of mobile success

CDS has executed several application development and maintenance engagements, for both smartphones and tablets, on various mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows and HTML5. We have provided mobile solutions to industries ranging from Banking and Finance to Manufacturing and Media. We apply our technology expertise and thought leadership to accomplish successful deployments, employing:

  • Requirements Identification: Working closely with our customer, we outline business requirements to understand, define and analyze.
  • Architectural Evaluation: We review the architecture for each solution to ensure components are identified and cohesive.
  • Backend Integration: We leverage our functional middleware and take advantage of our vast experience integrating mobile applications with numerous backend systems, to ensure smooth integration.
  • User Experience Design: We design user experience around your users and your application, so you gain the most out of your mobile experience.
  • Agile Development: Our agile methodology is based on daily assessments, which supports maximum coordination, faster issue resolution, higher visibility and quicker time-to-market.

Mobile Application Testing

Comprehensive testing to ensure operability

Mobile applications undergo constant changes due to upgrades in mobile operating systems and the steadfast introduction of new devices with enhanced capabilities. Customers face the problem of testing applications on constantly evolving devices and form factors. With CDS’s global delivery team, companies of all sizes can ensure that their applications work properly – for everyone, everywhere, always. Our wide range of mobile app testing services includes:

  • Functional – UI testing for native, hybrid, and web applications
  • Cross platform – Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows and HTML5
  • Non-functional – Compliance, security, stability and performance
  • Usability/Compatibility – Ensures consistent performance between and across platforms and the network
  • Security – Hackers target mobile apps. CDS employs a team of security experts to probe for and identify common vulnerabilities.
  • Load & Performance – Ensures that your mobile application is prepared for peak usage periods.

Mobile Application Security

Security across the enterprise and beyond

With mobility comes the continual and expansive flow of information carrying sensitive data – across the enterprise and into the outside world. Security on mobile devices must align with the overall security policies of the enterprise, and enhanced to address additional threats arising from the inherent vulnerability of mobile devices.

These threats increase as users interact with mobile applications that co-exist with their personal applications on the device. We help our customers by focusing on four key dimensions of security: user, device, apps and data. CDS’s Mobility Security offers:

  • Comprehensive Mobile Security Consulting including assessments, mobility security strategy creation and enhancements to enterprise mobile security policies
  • Mobile Device Security/Application Management Infrastructure including provisioning/deprovisioning devices/applications; MDM/MAM product selection; and, methods for requesting and obtaining mobile services, applications and devices
  • Mobile Security Toolkit – methodologies and tools that integrate security with the entire mobile application development lifecycle. This includes secure development guidelines for mobile platforms, reusable tool kits for security functions, threat modeling and security design and secure development training.
  • Mobile Data Protection providing solutions that are customized to the customer’s specific situation, ensuring protection for data at rest and data in motion. 

Mobile Analytics

Information that reveals trends and helps you plan

CDS provides analytics that utilize both middleware and in-device capabilities to capture data and device insights. We help you uncover how customers really use your mobile site or application. Our Mobile Analytics services include:

  • Analytics on mobile applications
  • Analytics for forecasting
  • Campaign analytics
  • Creation of dashboards
  • Brand analysis using social media data

What can we analyze using mobile analytics?

  • Multiple details: Category, screen, feature and content level details.
  • Overview of key data: number of visits, usage, depth of engagement, referral URLs and loyalty over time.
  • User behavior: Patterns of user behavior to improve usability and navigation.
  • Location: Cities, states, countries and regions your app is being accessed from.
  • Technical details: Devices, platforms and application versions used by your visitors. The Environment module presents information about end-user networks, locations, previous URLs visited and language preferences.
  • Error reporting: Identify and address errors that may affect the user experience.
  • Client trends: Define visitor types: first-timer, returning, active, dormant, loyal or churned.
  • Correlate amongst different marketing campaigns: Discern the effects of different marketing campaigns on behavior in the service. Measure effectiveness of tactics used by different types of marketing.

Benefits of CDS’s mobile analytics services

Mobile Analytics offers anyone, working with mobile content and marketing programs, the ability to determine how clients are engaging with both mobile websites and applications. With CDS’s mobile analytics services you can:

  • Create and closely monitor any number of metrics specific to the business.
  • Enhance client experience based on precise monitoring of mobile navigation patterns.
  • Use real data in analysis instead of estimations. We make full use of all traffic inducers to mobile sites through extraction, understanding and measurement, including social media tools, networks, paid advertising and other web properties.
  • Prioritize site design decisions based on detailed insight about mobile devices used by clients.
  • Understand how mobile investments contribute to broader marketing programs by integrating mobile, standard web and other online data.

Business Value

CDS Mobility Services enable clients to achieve organizational value by:

  • Enabling legacy, primary system interfaces on latest device technology.
  • Delivering industry-standard centralized outsourcing services for mobile environments.
  • Securing the user, applications and data, not just the device, with user authentication and biometric solutions, mobile application management technology and data isolation.
  • Re-engineering standardized IT infrastructure from a less secure to a tiered, agile environment.