Onsite Staffing Model

Flexible Staffing with Fast Results


An onsite staffing model is the best option when the development team is required to be close to the client’s stakeholders, the project scope is not clearly defined, or a project is open-ended and iterative in nature. Throughout the assignment our consultants report regularly to an onsite manager and back to our offices.

We staff onsite through:

  • Individual Requisitions
    Consultants, assigned to a single position, fulfill your requisition for resources, support, or another project.
  • Batch Requisitions
    Multiple resources are assigned to multiple positions to save time and money.
  • Team Assignments
    A team is assigned to a specific project. This is termed and paid out as a time and materials engagement or a fixed price engagement.

Onsite Staffing Model Benefits

  • Direct interaction with client stakeholders
  • Requirements need further clarification – onsite staff can help refine them
  • Ability to dynamically and continuously change deliverables or requirements
  • Tight and rigid deadlines
  • Constant availability of support
  • Scalable staff augmentation
  • Moving across time lines
  • Mission-critical projects
  • Open-ended and iterative nature of project scope
  • Well-suited for projects that are highly secured and confidential