Social Intelligence

Stop thinking “out-of-the-box” – operate on “there is NO box”

Everyone is on social media. Across the globe approximately 1.5 billion conversations fill social media platforms – every hour. People are joining social communities and sharing their ideas, actions, opinions, sentiment and more using social media.


This treasure trove of data has plunged businesses into the challenge of extracting insights embedded in social media to drive compelling decisions. Social Intelligence is now a decisive driver for improving overall business operations including customer service, marketing efforts and product development. If you are not connected, you are already behind.

Our Social Intelligence solutions empower you to extract critical value from the social media space. The widespread adoption of social software provides an incomprehensible expanse of market to study and research through B2B, B2C, and Online Solutions.  To leverage all of this, organizations face internal and external challenges to adopting and participating in consumer-led conversations and in the extraction of business intelligence from the same.

The CDS approach is holistic, guiding every step of your journey with our unique capabilities. Each step is backed by a specific methodology as outlined below in the following packages:

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Social Business Strategy
  • Social Intelligence Master Plan

CDS’s Social Intelligence Practice helps you tap into the emerging generation of applications to organize, market and distribute your products and promotions. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Grow market share across geographies
  • Understand how people perceive brand and their marketing efforts – positive, neutral or negative
  • Optimize services and costs across sales, marketing, customer service, product research
  • Discover and deliver relevant information about the company at the right-time
  • Engage with and respond to customers and prospects from within a community
  • Integrate social and marketing information back to your products and services as an online “Path-finder”
  • Realize the true impact of social media efforts
  • Differentiate between the relevant and irrelevant information

Benefits behind a Social Intelligence Strategy

A plan of attack that utilizes Social Intelligence will allow you to:

  • Understand customer requirements and expectations
  • Detect emerging trends before they reach full momentum and visibility – putting you in the forefront
  • Enhance customer services by listening and responding quickly
  • Better understand customers’ buying behaviors
  • Improve B2B connections, providing a stronger link between your partners and your product and promotions
  • Design fast, fun and friendly connections to link people to the right information and drive commerce
  • Create communities that provide a partner network and services to customers across your value chain
  • Improve your Digital Brand Identity Management
  • Improve marketing campaign effectiveness with timely feedback and better metrics
  • Grow revenue by linking social interactions to micro-marketing campaigns and ad syndication
  • Build brand loyalty by enabling advocates to easily contribute
  • Gather ideas to drive innovation and research
  • Create focused competitive intelligence


Integration through Social Intelligence

Unite all aspects of your business and enable a smooth-running machine through a fully collaborative organization linked by social media. Your business will be able to:

  • Improve governance by applying industry leading standards of practices
  • Manage content across social sites, micro-sites and communities.
    • Extend search engines, Be the “Pathfinder” that connects people to relevant content
    • Tap into streaming conversations and monitor patterns with analytic models
    • Link affinity groups to products and promotions via micro-marketing campaigns
  • Using social networking and communities in research and development
    • Use structured searches to gather social content and feed ideation
    • Collaborate within an interactive social network with role-based information delivery
    • Direct ideas to internal experts and researchers within a secure community
    • Gather metadata from user surveys, tags, scoring and enrich text mining tools capabilities
    • Enable “food-for-thought” collaborative services to read, tag, score and route posts to internal experts
    • Integrate collection and collaboration with an analysis process to share and report content