Oracle Apps

Secure successful market growth and business success with an enterprise system that leverages your strengths and helps you map a strong future. 


Client Challenges

In an ever-changing marketplace, organizations must be quick to change, evolve and address the challenges that constantly present themselves.  This is not a trivial task, as many are bound by limitations inherent to enterprise complexity. Organizations who fail to identify and address challenges will be left behind, saddled with rising costs and outdated operations.  Choosing the right enterprise solution can address the following issues and help organizations evolve and grow:

  • Implementing the wrong enterprise solution may result in:
    • Increasing cost of ownership over time
    • Implementation that goes over budget and past deadlines
    • Inadequate system performance
    • Incompatibility between enterprise systems
  • Unaddressed issues in change management can result in:
    • Employee resistance to accepting the new solution
    • Increased costs in training
    • Delayed realization of benefits from the enterprise application
  • Lower profitability due to high maintenance costs

What CDS Provides

Through innovating thinking we provide Oracle solutions that address your every need. Our highly experienced Oracle professionals deliver application solutions and outsourced services on time and with quality results. Our consultants have several years of experience providing implementation, support, maintenance and upgrade services for various Oracle products, relying on deep knowledge of business processes to create lasting value.

Regardless of the complexity of your enterprise needs or the specific goals you aim to achieve, our expert Oracle team delivers.

CDS Solutions and Offerings in Oracle

oracleWe offer a wide range of Oracle services and solutions using innovation and our ability to collaborate.  Whether you are looking for Development, Application, Maintenance Services, a Fusion solution, or a Hyperion application, you will find what you need in one of the several specialized teams at CDS. With our proven expertise and knowledge of business operations, we use the power of Oracle to fuel your operations and grow your business.

Oracle Services

CDS offers flexible Oracle Application solutions and can tailor a suite of services across any combination of Oracle applications. CDS helps organizations achieve quality results with Oracle solutions combining industry and functional expertise and Oracle implementation know-how that brings depth, completeness and value to our solutions. Read more »

Oracle Business Intelligence

The key to survival in the current dynamic market is quick thinking and responsive evolution.  The CDS Oracle BI Practice partners with clients ready to define a BI strategy that facilitates agility and integrated insights.  Gathering, processing and applying the knowledge embedded deep in an organization’s enterprise with the right BI solution reveals smart foresight and strategic future planning. Read more »

Oracle Fusion Applications

The CDS Oracle Fusion Applications practice provides customized solutions for Oracle Fusion applications. We help customers implement, manage, upgrade and maintain their Oracle E-Business Suite applications as well as the Oracle Fusion application modules. We leverage these applications to improve business processes, reduce costs and provide support for improved executive decision-making. Read more »

Oracle Hyperion Applications

With in-depth expertise and excellence in Oracle Hyperion Applications, CDS can implement, manage and support the full suite of Hyperion functionality.  Our offerings help you make the most of the data you already have, so you make better use of financials, trends and performance data with tools that help you manage, plan and forecast. Read more »

Business Value

At CDS, we use innovation to enhance, streamline and integrate functions throughout your enterprise solution, so every piece fits into your grand design.  We make the whole that is your business run like a well-oiled machine, that easily adjusts to small changes when needed, making it adaptable and receptive.  Our solutions are comprehensive and robust, and will help you:

  • Transform your organization’s focus from IT to business and customer centricity.
  • Create an enterprise network that facilitates a free flow of business-critical information
  • Effortless accessibility to enterprise information – anytime, anywhere – supporting quick, informed and profitable decisions