Application Development & Integration

Strengthen Business Processes Across Complex Scenarios


To gain a competitive edge, businesses must employ application solutions that support connectivity across various boundaries. Application Development & Integration services from CDS help you develop, integrate, and align applications with your business across multiple technologies.

The CDS Advantage

Efficiency through a customized approach
CDS engages with you to understand your unique business needs and develops solutions around them.  We focus on feature-rich business-critical applications based on open industry standards and technology frameworks, using adaptive development principles.

We design models based on industry-wide best practices
CDS evaluates each project to determine which approach fits best, customizing our methodology to execute efficiently. With a range of advanced application development models in dedicated development centers, we enable technology transformation across your organization.

Components of our development capabilities include:

Latest to Legacy technology capabilities
Our application development and integration services are built on the premise that you need a global partner that can reliably integrate your enterprise, whether it be a legacy mainframe application, client/server system, or the latest CRM, web, mobile, or data warehousing approach. We call this Latest-to-Legacy – and CDS has the experience, methodologies, and expertise to fully integrate your organization as you work to build applications.
Methodologies, frameworks, and tools
CDS leverages the ALM Tool Suite with proprietary and partnership tools, methodologies, and frameworks. Methodologies include waterfall, rapid application development, iterative development, object-oriented/component-based, rational unified, and spiral process. Each methodology addresses all aspects of the project including roles and responsibilities; standards and procedures; tools; product deliverables during each project lifecycle stage; and the presentation format and content of each deliverable.
Component factory
CDS’s component factory develops and catalogs reusable components – reducing development costs and improving time to market.
Centers of Excellence
Our mature, repeatable, and quality-certified software development lifecycle processes are supported by specialized practice groups and Centers of Excellence including ECM, testing, BI/DW, and .NET.
Knowledge transfer and retention
CDS utilizes its proprietary knowledge transfer and retention processes to quicken problem resolutions, reduce dependencies on knowledge stores, and efficiently ramp up new team members.
Rigorous quality
CDS’s methodologies are built on industry standard processes including CMMi, ISO, and PMI for project management. Quality metrics such as defect containment and schedule variance are tracked and evaluated at both project and organizational levels.
Alliances and partnerships
CDS has partnered with leading global solution providers, like Oracle and IBM, to deliver quality off-the-shelf tools and components for your development project.

Organizations across the globe utilize our Application Development and Integration (ADI) services to:

  • Create architectural roadmaps.
  • Design and develop new applications or enhance existing ones.
  • Integrate existing and/or newly built applications. As your strategic ADI Services partner, we help you accelerate business growth, reduce development costs, and enhance your customer experience. 

By leveraging our extensive Application Development experience, our customers benefit from the following:

  • Our domain and technology expertise helps reduce time-to-market for new products and services.
  • Optimal onshore/offshore balance significantly reduces IT labor costs for new deployments and maintenance.
  • Our proven processes, tools, and methodologies reduce backlogs in business demands and improve responsiveness to changing business needs and technologies.
  • Our superior expertise and certifications ensure increased time-to-market without compromising quality and security.
  • Our methods enhance application performance, improving the customer experience.
  • We increase Project Manager availability by 25% so they can focus on core business activities.
  • CDS recommends best-fit solutions using Technology Centers of Excellence.
  • Our Knowledge Management process reduces dependencies that enable service continuity.
  • We reduce quality assurance costs through effective design reviews, automated code reviews, and unit-testing methodologies.
  • 10% increase in productivity by using reusable components library.