IT Process Management

Streamlined IT Processes that Overcome Daily Challenges


To meet today’s business challenges head on, IT departments must address operational efficiencies and the ever-changing tech landscape. CDS Process Consulting helps streamline IT processes so you can remove roadblocks that come your way.

CDS Process Consulting offers process definition, implementation, training, and process assessments for model and non-model based improvement initiatives. Our strength lies in our skills and experience in project management, software engineering, CMM, ITIL, ISO, and more.

What CDS Provides

A practical implementation experience that fits your IT environment

CDS provides the following services to successfully deploy a comprehensive process improvement program in your organization:

Current State/Gap Analysis
Helps you understand the “as-is” state of various IT practices, and discovers gaps relative to the desired model/standard. Under Gap Analysis we discover improvement opportunities and recommend corresponding changes.
Process Improvement Planning (PIP)
Our PIP methodology includes 3 key phases:

  • Strategize: We assess the health of the process improvement by studying various inputs and identifying a process’s desired state with reference to models/standards.
  • Prioritize: Includes objectives prioritization, identifying quick-wins, evaluating a pilot approach, and outlining plans.
  • Plan: Based on the output of the two phases above, we draw up tactical plans, which include estimating effort, resources/budgets identification, and drawing up timelines.
Process Definition
We help you develop a Quality Management framework that covers SDLC, IT Project Management, Information Security/Business Continuity Management, IT Controls, Vendor Management, IT Service Management, and related IT processes.
Measurement Framework
Measurement is the mechanism by which an organization gains insight into its performance. CDS proposes a “Goal-driven Software Measurement Framework” approach to define and deploy the measurement framework that works best in your organization.
Training is a critical element of the deployment phase. At CDS, we educate your trainers to teach required skills and deploy new practices.
Implementation Support
We partner with clients in their internal process improvement initiatives to simplify implementation and reduce pain points.
Audits and Assessments
Our consultants are experienced in conducting Audits and Assessments, which serve as qualitative indicators across the IT organization.
Change Management
CDS’s consultants help client organizations manage change by deploying appropriate proactive measures, such as winning senior management commitment, launching communication campaigns, creating success stories, developing FAQs and web-pages, and more.



Achieve higher ROIs and long-term benefits

CDS’s Process Consulting group has helped numerous clients adopt non-model and model-based approaches.

The business benefits achieved by organizations in their process improvement programs include the following:

  • Improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved predictability of project budgets and schedule.
  • Better alignment of processes and services with business needs and goals.
  • Accelerated business agility and speed-to-market.
  • Increased quality, visibility, and consistency of services.
  • Increased opportunities to re-use technologies and processes.
  • Improved risk management.
  • Improved availability and performance of business critical services.
  • Improved product, service, and process stability.
  • Substantial ROI.