Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

Maximize Returns on IT Investments with Strategic Business Intelligence & Resourceful Data Warehousing 

Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing (DW) build on knowledge from within and data that surrounds your organization to drive success. Both elements pair in a synergy to evoke insights and create actionable assets that feed enterprise transformation and value fulfillment.

Effective business intelligence helps you capitalize from information firmly embedded within your enterprise. Smart extraction stems from resourceful data warehousing. At CDS, our goal is to help our clients realize the importance of being better informed and realizing the value of the information they have. We see DW/BI as:

  • A continuum that leverages information to increase profitability via reduced cost and increased revenue.
  • Highly effective management powered by strategic decision-making insight.
  • Enhanced organizational protection in a world of increased regulation and governance.

Transform imperative goals and objectives into intelligent strategy.

CDS combines its broad understanding of business with technology expertise to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance, and customer service. CXOs today are interested in game-changing techniques and strategies that maintain, organize and acquire insight from the most critical asset – data.

Numerous successful engagements with high-performing organizations affirm our results-oriented management framework – to clarify your strategy and link it to your people, processes, and technology.

Client Challenges

In order to sustain and grow a business amidst dynamic market conditions, clients must address the following challenges:

  • Implementation of solutions that meet specific needs
  • Silos, diverse data sources, data exposition
  • Lack of time to implement solutions
  • Smarter analysis of big data for better decision making
  • Increased accuracy in the prediction process

The absence of persistent business intelligence systems leads to the following:

  • Poor business performance
  • Enterprise risks
  • Customer, partner, vendor relationship deflection
  • Operational inefficiency 

What CDS Provides

Meeting the growing demand for BI and DW

At CDS, we meet the growing market demand for effective BI and data warehousing solutions through an array of innovative business and technology services, capabilities, and experience. We do this by consolidating data to support increased performance across the enterprise – not point solutions that create data pockets housed in multiple platforms, applications, and databases scattered across business lines and geographies.

To achieve this we execute as a vendor-independent service provider leveraging strategic partnerships with several key players in the BI market.

Measuring, analyzing, and using data proactively

Our team of DW/BI professionals:

  • Collect an organization’s internal and external data.
  • Store it in a data warehouse.
  • Save it in a format following data governance principles.

We provide the following DW/BI Services to our clients:

DW/BI Strategy Services
Our Strategy Services approach your solution incrementally with steps to analyze needs, create a roadmap, identify appropriate tools, and model a solution, ensuring all areas are covered and an executable strategy is defined. Read More »
DW/BI Implementation Services
Our Implementation Services create solutions in areas identified by your strategy. We help create the applications you need to support data integration, analysis, and reporting. Read More »
DW/BI Maintenance and Enhancement Services
Our Maintenance and Enhancement Services keep your BI and DW strategies and solutions working long after deployment. We ensure that your solution evolves as the business landscape changes. Read More »
DW/BI Migration Services
Our Migration Services take you from legacy systems to updated environments that help you make the most of your data. We identify areas that need change, so that you collect, store and retrieve data and insightful information in the most efficient way possible. Read More »

Business Value

Our Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Services help you make the most of your data and the information that flows around your organization, allowing for:

  • Alignment of business processes to changing market conditions.
  • Expedient, fact-based decisions.
  • Reusable frameworks and components.
  • Optimal user experiences for your customers through efficient usage.
  • Baselined, benchmarked and measured business performance.
  • Alignment of operations to Strategic and Tactical needs.
  • Lower costs for BI tools and processes.