Testing and Assurance Services

Quality Assurance as You Grow


The demand on Quality Assurance has grown significantly for today’s enterprises. As the technological landscape shifts, so must underlying business processes and applications. Changes can introduce anomalies, requiring frequent and comprehensive testing and assurance of functionality. 

Client Challenges

Frequent product releases and increasingly complex IT systems have made testing an important part of your IT services. Dynamic market trends and the ever-changing technology landscape, coupled with disruptive technologies like Cloud, mobile and social media apps, have created a cascade of changes in the approach, methodology and delivery of testing services.  Partnering with an accomplished testing service provider is crucial to support change that is reliable and dependable.

What CDS Provides

Our expertise in both the business and technical aspects of testing empowers us to create innovative approaches that deliver accelerated results. We do this by optimizing tool usage through the Portable Automation Testing framework.

We use an established testing methodology and industry-standard testing tools to ensure superior software quality, enhanced readiness and real competitive advantage.

We work hard to encourage a spirit of innovation in all of our testing professionals, and share what we learn with customers.

Key Services

Lifecycle Testing
Traditional services including Regression, Functional, Non-Functional, Automation and various other testing levels across the life-cycle. Read More »
Managed Testing
Organizations have technology needs surrounding standardization across domains in processes, templates and reports. They have testing resource dependencies for application knowledge and testing within domains. We provide quality control standardization across domains and address and mitigate risks in resource planning. Read More »

Specialized Testing Services
Testing mobile applications, packaged applications and technology-centric test services, such as BI/DW, SOA and others that leverage technology point solutions, frameworks and tailored methodologies and approaches. Read More »
Test Consulting
Thought leadership through transformational services aimed at continuous improvement in the testing process and service delivery capability. Read More »
Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)
CDS’s Testing practice empowers our customers to take quantum leaps in quality maturity with next generation Testing Center of Esxcellence models. Read More »