Amdocs Consulting Solutions

The Telecom industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and maintaining market  leadership means offering quality and value through smart solutions that harness the power of increasingly sophisticated systems.


Those systems include B/OSS, CRMs, Network Control and Customer Experience packages that support a strong and effective customer-facing presence for telecom providers, helping them fully understand, manage and meet their customers’ needs.

Telecom companies come to us for answers, and we deliver.

Client Challenges

As this industry expands, systems and solutions from within telecom organizations must be equally as agile. Customer bases are on the rise as newer products emerge from this industry. Our solutions leverages the power of Amdocs products with our project expertise to help you overcome roadblocks specific to this industry:

  • Keeping current customers happy while attracting new ones
  • Highly competitive environment
  • Quality customer experience
  • Increasing demands for specialized bundles and new services
  • High cost of network transformation
  • Improving profit margins

What CDS Provides

The Amdocs Consulting Team at CDS applies in-depth knowledge and experience with Amdocs telecom offerings to create a best-fit solution. We employ best practices to identify the goals of our clients, specify the solution that provides an optimal fit and deliver systems that enable smooth-running operations with quicker time-to-market.

We apply our thorough knowledge of BSS, OSS and Digital Commerce domains, along with Tier-1 industry experience to execute your project efficiently while reducing transformation risks. This results in overall operations success for you and an enhanced experience for your customers.

Amdocs Products

We incorporate the following Amdocs Products in our solutions:

  • Ensemble – we enable you with Billing Solutions and Customer Care that engage your customers and help you efficiently manage day-to-day operations through automation
  • Enabler – a convergent platform that supports voice-data, next-generation data, content and commercial services, integrating connectivity between your customers’ needs and your services
  • Clarify – a CRM that helps you organize and manage relationships with your customers, keeping everyone cognizant, so everyone succeeds
  • CES 9 – the industry’s only integrated B/OSS and Network Control Suite, connecting critical operations with a solid underlying foundation to synthesize an optimal enterprise

Amdocs Solutions Delivery

We deliver your customized Amdocs solution in carefully planned phases:

  • Assessment and Advisory – we assess where you stand in relation to industry benchmarks and will help map your climb up the capability curve.
  • System Integration and Testing – identification and integration of necessary components to drive your business.
  • Data Migration – we’ll transform your system to the latest technology. The most critical aspect of successful transformation lies in movement of data from your existing system to the new one. We provide accurate and timely migration, for complete realignment and peak performance.
  • Network Service Assurance – strong foundations mean better execution; we ensure everything stays connected.

We work across all areas of Business and Operations Support Systems to automate and streamline functions that are integral to an organization’s success.  Whether you need one product or an assembled package, we leverage the interoperability of Amdocs products to solve different challenges and produce a single coherent vision.

Different companies need different solutions, so we start by understanding how you operate, work with you to determine your goals, identify the areas that need improvements and devise a plan to deliver the solution.

Business Value

We help you control costs, drive revenue growth, enable competencies and deliver superior customer experience. Whether it’s on the simpler side of enhancing a billing system or on a grander scale of an overall Customer Experience System, CDS has the experience and knowledge to help you determine the right solution for overall success.