Our strategic alliance with Oracle enables us to better help you understand, manage and leverage your data, elevating your business to the next level through smarter decisions and critical insight.



Oracle provides a complete suite of Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to help organizations capture, manage, sift and arrange the abundance of data inherent to their operations.  For many years, Oracle has been a long-standing ally in the quest to simplify IT and unleash innovation, helping businesses utilize information, at all levels, in the most efficient and effective way.

CDS & Oracle

Oracle BusinessWe provide services to see you through the entire process of leveraging current installations or nurturing new ones.  Our experts are well versed in the intricacies of Oracle technologies and solutions and will orchestrate, in concert with your teams, a data/operations synergy towards success.  We maximize the benefit of the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) to fit your needs.

Utilizing our expertise, we partner with you to assess, architect and design a solution, devise the plan to execute, and finally, create a program to keep you running smoothly.  Our goal is to help you extract the power of your data to achieve calculated control.


CDS unlocks the potential power of your data by helping you understand what you have, how to manage it and how to best employ it. Data is fundamental in the age of information technology – that is nothing new.  The differentiator is collecting the right data, organizing it efficiently and consuming it.  With the right tools, you’re empowered to achieve all three and help your business realize new realms of success.

A dedicated CDS team works with you to understand and expose what you have, so you can understand the power in your hands.  Next, we determine the tools you’ll need to perform all necessary functions for data extraction and analysis to unleash the power that will fuel your plan for success and growth.

Business Intelligence and Analytics brings the power of Oracle and the expertise of CDS to your front door with capabilities that will benefit you.  We team our certified professionals with business analysts to confer with your team and create a plan.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) – Analysis
We determine your system’s current state to help define the path that will navigate you to your destination. This proof-of-concept measures how well Oracle fits into a solution for you and helps determine the design for the solution.
OBIEE Applications Implementation
We help customers leverage the power of Oracle’s BI Applications with cost-effective solutions, removing the need to create reports, dashboards and other analytics from ground up. Employing existing BI technologies harnesses industry best practices while eliminating the risks associated with one-time solutions made from scratch.
OBIEE Customizations
We can take what you already have and make it fit better. If you already use an Oracle BI Application, but want it to talk to something new or just function better, we can do that. Our seasoned OBIEE experts will work with you to understand what you’re aiming to change, and we’ll devise a plan together to make it happen.