Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Discover Unique Value through KPO


Enterprises today are looking beyond IT outsourcing to contain costs and streamline operations. The transfer of knowledge-based operations to experts helps offload this overhead, allowing businesses to focus on more strategic functions. The key to unlocking the potential value of KPO lies in finding the right combination of people, processes and technologies that deliver.

Our KPO services provide significant value, strengthened by our industry-specific expertise in business processes, proven methodologies and an effective Global Delivery Model. Our services become a seamless extension to your operations, offloading essential functions so you can focus on strategy and growth.

Client Challenges

Businesses today struggle to control costs in the midst of a continually evolving environment requiring quick changes in function and execution. Outsourcing knowledge-based operations helps streamline operations. KPO addresses several challenges facing businesses today:

  • Business functions must evolve as industry expectations change; this gets expensive when done in-house
  • Industry-specific knowledge must be updated as processes and rules change; training costs increase overhead
  • Acquiring agility to address an ever changing marketplace
  • Understanding KPO models so organizations and service providers adopt the correct one 

What CDS Provides

Our consulting teams utilize in-depth knowledge of industry-specific processes to execute vital business functions and seamlessly support your business, without the overhead and management. This effectively reduces costs and optimizes operations.

CDS’s comprehensive KPO solutions include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: an ideal delivery model determines outsource feasibility and identifies benefits
  • Managed Change: we adhere to Six Sigma to transition and administer change management; this includes planning, knowledge transfer, ramp up and ongoing support
  • Domain Knowledge: our focused teams are adept in industry-specific processes
  • Defined Delivery Framework: we deliver on-time, with accuracy, following SLAs that work
  • Metrics: we highlight progress continually, from day one
  • Productivity Savings: yearly gains – guaranteed
  • Disaster Recovery: business continuity through disaster mitigation – local or global
  • Timely Feedback: ensures increasing performance over time
  • World-Class Project Management: proven with several engagements over time; rely on our strong management skills to execute and deliver
  • Safety and Security: we are U.S. based and we deliver to those standards

Our KPO services cover the following industries:

  • Health and Life Sciences – Maximize profitability and productivity with outsourcing services from CDS that address a multitude of opportunities in this industry. We offload commitments to time, manpower and resources with our proven processes, leaving you to focus on quality care. Read More »
  • Insurance – Streamline business processes and exceed service levels, keeping customers happy while attracting new ones.  Focus on what matters most, and leave the details to us. Read More »

Business Value 

CDS provides KPO Services that leverage industry knowledge, automated tools and processes, reduced costs and quicker turnaround, helping businesses transfer core knowledge-based operations and functions with security and dependability. Our KPO services provide maximum benefit – unleashing significant value and delivering success:

  • Reduced costs means increased value
  • Quicker feedback
  • Compressed enhancement cycles
  • Increased revenue and improved competitive advantage
  • Converting fixed costs into variable costs