BI-DW Vendor Solutions

Achieve strategic foresight and predictive planning by leveraging the power of data through vendor solutions from CDS.


Client Challenges

In this ever-changing marketplace influenced by fluctuations in consumerism and technology, businesses across all industries must overcome a common set of challenges to strengthen and expand:

  • Solution design and implementation with timely delivery
  • Smart decision-making based on big data analytics
  • Predictive modeling based on precision

Without a business intelligence system that runs throughout the enterprise, organizations may see:

  • Reduced business performance
  • Risks from within the enterprise
  • Lack of acceptance by users within the organization
  • Inefficient operations

What CDS Provides

CDS has partnered with key players in the Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse industry.  They have solutions that mean business, and we have the intelligence to make them work for you. A vendor solution from CDS not only gets you the quality you expect from an established vendor, but also provides superior services, courtesy of CDS professionals.

Our vendor-neutral approach to business intelligence solutions means we evaluate your specific needs and choose the vendor that provides the best fit. The product development strategy for any vendor’s offering requires investments in hardware, software and personnel over a deployment roadmap. Our knowledge of each vendor’s current offerings and future plans helps in choosing the best vendor solution so you reap maximum return from your investment.

Each of our vendor-specific teams are certified and highly experienced to leverage the most out of each vendor solution to meet your specific needs.  Our methodology works with and conforms to the vendor solution chosen, to make the entire project go smoothly and conclude with quality.

Key Partnerships

CDS can provide you with a vendor solution from any of our key partnerships:

Streamline information management and analytics to empower your business with a CDS Informatica Solution. Read more »
Solve complex problems and make smarter decisions based on smart SAS analytics from CDS. Read more »
Combine the power of IBM with CDS agility to realize  effective business modeling, stronger analytics and efficient information management.            Read more »
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Let CDS harness the “ease of use” inherent to SAP to create solutions you can utilize and manage independently, reducing costs and increasing profitability. Read more »
With a multitude of offerings, CDS can select and deliver a single product or an integration of many to make Microsoft work for you. Read more »

Business Value

Strengthen your business from within with customized vendor solutions from CDS.  We deliver the quality that is inherent to each vendor’s offering in a way that makes the most sense for your business.  Our partnerships provide vendor solutions in a truly distinctive way by offering:

  • Rapid implementation through effectively packaged solutions
  • Customizations to meet specific changing business needs
  • Innovation that delivers pervasive Business Intelligence
  • Investment value from sustainable, repeatable and predictable business solutions