CDS’s comprehensive Salesforce suite offers solutions that leverage a range of features offered in Cloud Computing through the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Chatter and platform.


Client Challenges

Businesses today are looking for more efficient ways to closely link their business operations with customer experience. The ability to effectively monitor and manage how they do business becomes a tool for future planning. In order to cultivate a culture that can readily capture data points essential to client relations, a system must be in place to support it. This is where a CRM, strategically designed with a customer’s specific needs in mind, comes into play. Creating precisely the right solution is not easy, however.

Organizations must overcome the following challenges in CRM implementation in order to reap its rewards:

  • Effectively and correctly empower users
  • Efficient allocation of funds towards the project
  • Ensure acceptance and usability
  • Realize substantial ROI
  • Effective management as the system gains further acceptance throughout the business

What CDS Provides

CDS’s expertise in Salesforce provides a variety of strategically designed solutions, based on industry best practices, business metrics and flexible technology architectures. Our solutions improve your end-user customer experiences through close inspection of customer needs and your business process. CDS has a global presence, consisting of consultants experienced in Software as a Service solutions. We serve clients across a wide spectrum of industry verticals, around the globe, with Salesforce migrations, implementations and custom applications on the platform.

Our unique and comprehensive Salesforce offering provides you with a broad portfolio of easily deployable solutions in the Cloud that meet your specific industry needs while maintaining cost efficiency.

CDS can provide your organization with:

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consulting

Sales Cloud equips your reps and managers with tools they need to collaborate and close on deals quickly – in a cohesive solution. We centralize the information essential to your salesforce and to management, so everyone is on the same page. CDS can assess exactly what your needs are to:

  • Design and create a Salesforce CRM that meets your specific needs.
  • Integrate your current enterprise with the Sales Cloud to reveal a complete transparent view of your customers.
  • Migrate current data into Salesforce, enabling centralization of all customer related data.

Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting

The Service Cloud empowers your business with world-class customer service – whether it’s from the help desk or social media – while achieving remarkable cost savings. Extracting the most from the Service Cloud requires a partner to help you shape it to fit your specific needs.

CDS can help create a solution to:

  • Paint a complete customer picture for call center reps
  • Leverage the power of Chatter to engage agents in real-time collaboration
  • Integrate with Facebook and Twitter, so you can join in on conversations about your company
  • Empower customers with easy-to-use knowledge bases and customer self-service to reduce costs & PaaS Custom Application Development

The Cloud supports many types of platforms. It’s the new playground for application development. At CDS, we are experienced in leveraging the power of these platforms which allows us to provide you with applications that are infrastructure-independent. The result? Scalability.

Our cloud computing expertise and custom application development experience uniquely qualifies us to customize apps to meet your specific needs or automate your business process using the platform.  We know the power of the Cloud, now let us help you capture it!

Cloud Application Integration

Leverage CDS’s vast experience across various types of enterprise solutions and in Cloud Computing to ensure all components of your business can cohesively communicate and contribute towards a common goal.  The result: a unified system with a single point of data entry and visibility by all.  Our integration solution will:

  • Support data synchronization between several applications, including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and more.
  • Leverage B2B integration technologies to support document exchange with any business partner over the Web, eliminating the need for proprietary EDI solutions.
  • Automate mission-critical processes to expand visibility into your business.

Cloud BI Services

As the Cloud and SaaS have changed the landscape of how businesses manage customer experience, they have had equal impact on how businesses capture and consume data about this experience. A CDS Cloud solution in BI affords great benefits in visibility across the entire organization, clearly and quickly.  We enable:

  • Visibility to sales, finance, marketing, operations and HR data
  • Easy collaboration and real-time report sharing
  • Identification of actionable trends by deep dives into data
  • Easy creation of trending reports and scenario analyses
  • Elimination of IT and hardware costs

Business Value

Partner with CDS to experience the most out of a Salesforce solution. We combine world-class service and industry expertise to help your organization realize:

  • Successful solutions delivered through a unique methodology based on innovation and thought leadership
  • Decreased Total Cost of Ownership
  • Single source for Salesforce consulting, implementation and maintenance services
  • Business agenda alignment organization-wide to enable better, faster business decisions
  • Agility, flexibility and speed for quick response to market changes