Database Management

Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Your Data Architecture

Database operation management and master data management architecture support are the most important and complex parts of IT operations.

database-managementPoorly planned data architectures can lead to inaccurate record keeping, which can negatively affect customer satisfaction – and if ignored – result in lost business.

With the insurgence of cloud technologies, the need for well designed data architectures that account for distributed resources, industry compliance and security requirements becomes increasingly crucial and problematic.



CDS helps corporations design and implement solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies while ensuring consistency. Our frameworks are designed to integrate disparate data sources, creating data warehouses that store consistent, accurate and up-to-date information. We can also add analytics and business intelligence for forecasting, modeling and growth.

What CDS Provides

Our Database Management services provide the functionality you need, where you need it. Our services are modular and effective. We can provide a complete suite of services or target areas needing attention – based on your specific requirements.

Production Services

We’ll manage and monitor mission critical databases, standardize business rules and procedures across the organization, while implementing industry best practices.

Application Services

Our services cover the entire lifecycle of database implementation and management, ranging from architecture and design to final fine tuning. We’ll work with you to determine your goals and create a plan to reach them.

Database design
Consulting services for creating architectures that integrate disparate application structures providing consistency for accurate data capture and reporting.
Database refreshes
Full support for all prescribed procedures from leading database providers such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server and DB2 UDB.
Security and audits
Design, implementation and monitoring of secure infrastructures using pre-defined responses to address cybercrime incidents.
Deployment and administration
Global rollout services via a wide range of methods including public and hybrid cloud technologies.
Query tuning and performance models
Measure expected system usage by simulating concurrent multiple-user system access. This service includes databases, application servers and user interface rollouts.


Full suite of assessment and design services covering all aspects of database rollouts, implementations, integration and sustaining activities from both an IT and business process perspective.