Business Applications Services

Application Transformation Drives Next Generation Enterprises to Success


Organizations today must anticipate future business needs and constantly evolve to meet and exceed changing expectations. At CDS, we provide services that help identify and meet these constantly evolving needs – we:

  • Drive the deployment and integration of new applications.
  • Enable you to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Help you realize and reduce the total cost of operations (TCO).

Client Challenges

In order to stay competitive and maintain focus on core operations, organizations must rely on applications and functionality to support initiatives. Creation and maintenance of both take time and resources away from what matters most.  Organizations are faced with a multitude of challenges in the quest for success:

  • Bringing differentiation to their user experience
  • Efficient development, enhancement and maintenance of applications across the life-cycle
  • Tight budgets and increasing needs for newer technology 

What CDS Provides

We partner with you identify, implement and maintain applications that enhance your operations.  We remove this task from your list, so you can put more energy in core business operations.  Our services are modular, allowing you to choose exactly what you need:

Service Offerings

Strategic Outsourcing
CDS’s Strategic Outsourcing Service helps simplify, optimize and accelerate your organization’s applications, infrastructure and processes. Read More »
Application Development and Integration
End-to-end custom applications development supports business processes and integration across systems. Our innovative solutions create competitive advantage and eliminate excessive development costs. Read More »
Application Maintenance and Support
While reducing the total cost of ownership and creating new areas of streamlined value improvement, we optimize operational costs and enhance overall efficiency. Read More »
Application Migration and Modernization
Achieve faster time to market while reducing operational overheads. Our proven expertise and consulting-based approaches helps enhance legacy systems to use flexible, integrated applications and processes. Read More »

Business Value

At CDS, we are uniquely positioned to meet strategic global outsourcing demands. Our full range of Application Services improves application ROI, allowing you to invest strategically in core-business activities. Through Next Generation Enterprise insights – we evoke application transformation.