SAP Technical Solutions

An SAP Technical Solution from CDS leverages the power of SAP technical capabilities to augment and enhance your current operations, making them more efficient and receptive to change.


Delivery of reliable and flexible solutions is required in this changing business market. The technical team at CDS focuses on legacy system re-engineering, new solutions and custom developments. Our experts in Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP) for FRICE – Forms, Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, and Enhancements – assist and drive necessary legacy data conversions, interfaces and custom reporting to support your SAP implementation.

We follow SAP standard project methodologies and collaborate with you to assess and redesign your environments, making your business successful both technically and financially. We also provide post-production solutions to ensure anticipated results and peak performance from your solution. At CDS, providing quality solutions is paramount. We deliver on our commitments and exceed your expectations. Our best-fit solutions integrate smoothly to meet your IT needs.

CDS SAP Technical Solutions offer several custom development services:

  • Classical and Interactive Reports using ALVs
  • Data migration to SAP R/3 using SAP’s LSMW
  • Interfaces linking Legacy systems or 3rd party tools with SAP R/3
  • Leveraging User Exits, BADIs and BAPIs
  • Optimization, SQL Trace
  • Instant reporting through SAP Queries
  • Enhancing business processes through OOPS
  • Business document generation using Smart Forms/SAP scripts
  • Add-On Business transaction screens development through dialog programming

Our NetWeaver Offerings

SAP NetWeaver supports the development of cross-functional applications, business processes and client needs. At CDS, we create solutions that strategically leverage the advanced capabilities of SAP NetWeaver to deliver value by:

  • Capitalizing on existing IT assets by re-using existing functionality
  • Applying role-based analytics to provide enhanced reporting and visibility
  • Addressing legal and operational requirements through NetWeaver’s Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) application capabilities
  • Enabling effective information management across the enterprise by utilizing MDM, Enterprise Search and Portals – all part of the NetWeaver Platform

NetWeaver - Enterprise Portal Offerings

With globalization, outsourcing, changing regulations and rapid technological innovations, companies are forced to embrace increasingly agile business architectures. This in turn calls for enterprise applications based on open standards, simple implementation and easy modifications and upgrades. In response to these structural changes in the market and customer demands, while facing fierce competition in a saturated market, CDS capitalizes on the strategic offerings of NetWeaver by providing:

  • SAP NetWeaver portal upgrade service
  • Third party portal migration service
  • Portal performance enhancement service
  • Enterprise KM implementation services
  • Custom Portal applications using WebDynPro

NetWeaver - Process Integration Offerings

Continuous innovation fuels constant growth and operations that endure. To achieve this, businesses must combine ‘best’ and ‘next’ business practices. ‘Best’ offerings by NetWeaver ensure efficiency; ‘next’ practices reveal competitive advantages.  The CDS team will:

  • Architect and design new interfaces using XI/PI to migrate existing interfaces from any EAI platform to XI/PI.
  • Architect and design hybrid solutions using multiple EAI platforms. 

NetWeaver - Basis Offerings

Next-generation processes allow implementation of next level technology with reduced costs, made possible by a flexible combination of business process definition and software application support. The appropriate set of NetWeaver offerings dynamically configured with your business process definition enables the execution of enterprise-specific processes.  NetWeaver services we offer include:

  • Full lifecycle SAP implementation services
  • 24/7 SAP BASIS support services
  • Performance, analysis and troubleshooting
  • Service desk, change management or alert configuration setups
  • System monitoring services