Achieve agility and connectivity through simplified technology landscapes and global integration with an SAP Enterprise Solution from CDS


Client Challenges

Paving the way for technological innovation requires foresight and flexibility. Adaptation to change is key to dominating the marketplace; however, it takes a keen sense to understand the appropriate changes to adopt – all advancements are not for every organization. Identifying needs and addressing them with correct solutions requires a partnership with people who know and deliver.

In the current climate, large enterprises face many challenges that are ever changing; and, once solved, become the tests of tomorrow. Organizations that wish to dominate must operate with agility while spanning continental borders and make lucrative decisions quicker.

What CDS Provides

We create SAP solutions with innovation and thought leadership. With our highly experienced SAP professionals, CDS delivers application solutions and outsourced services to our clients. We leverage an exclusive network of highly skilled experts providing on time project delivery with quality results. Flexible scheduling empowers us to accommodate on-site SAP specialists, assuring full-time guidance and delivery. Our SAP consultants have more than a decade of experience in providing implementation, support, maintenance and upgrade services for various SAP modules, relying on vast experience in business processes to create value. Regardless of the complexity of your SAP project or the specific goals you aim to achieve, our expert SAP team delivers.

CDS Solutions and Offerings in SAP

We offer a full suite of SAP solutions and services, leveraging innovating thinking and our ability to collaborate.  Whether you are looking for a Management solution, a Functional solution or support services after implementation roll out, you will find what you need in one of the several specialized teams at CDS.  With our expertise and knowledge of business operations, we will pair the power of SAP with your current operations to enhance and grow your business.

SAP Project Management Solutions

Partner with the right solutions provider, and an SAP implementation will not be as daunting as you may think. CDS knows exactly how to scope and plan a solution with a team that supports your strategic initiatives, including acquisitions and vendor management. Read more »

SAP Technical Solutions

Realize the benefits of a stable, optimized environment with affordable access to expert SAP technical solutions, when you need it most. This is the winning strategy for businesses expanding into new markets, creating a strong regional presence and adopting vertical integration of new industries. Read more »

SAP Functional Solutions

CDS offers a comprehensive suite of SAP Functional solutions; from core ERP to enhanced business and industry functionality. Our SAP consulting practice is comprised of functional teams that contribute with in-depth SAP knowledge and extensive experience across a broad range of industries. Read more »

SAP Business Intelligence

Knowledge is Wisdom and Information is Power – but only if you can make sense of it. Business Intelligence (BI) systems propose solutions that empower organizations today with the ability to face challenges head on. BI systems encompass the functions of intelligent exploration, aggregation, integration and multidimensional analysis of data from diverse resources. Read more »

SAP System Administration & Support Solutions

When it comes to handling high volume, the first priority is understanding and quantifying the business problem; and then, efficiently designing a maintainable technical solution within the estimated timeline. All of which are possible with a comprehensive Administration and Support Solution from CDS.  Read more »

SAP Data Migration

Data Migration is more than just movement of enterprise data; it’s an opportunity for evaluating and improving data quality, which can have a critical impact on a large system rollout as well as on the business itself beyond a Go Live event.  Because of this criticality, migrations can be expensive and time-consuming. Read more »

SAP Implementation, Upgrades, Rollout & Production Support Solutions

With expert knowledge and extensive ERP experience, CDS provides the best in implementations, rollouts and support thereafter, offering our clients optimal business solutions with a sense of security. Read more »

Business Value

Partner with CDS to realize benefits today and added value into the future.  We’ll work closely with you to streamline now and structure for the future to help you:

  • Achieve greater business value
  • Realize strong ROI in technology and operations
  • Optimize business processes, reducing cost and increasing revenue
  • Create cohesive global operations
  • Command effective and efficient systems
  • Leverage our global team to create a worldwide solution