CDS offers consulting services and solutions to address key industry challenges, allowing you to focus on delivering dependable products with superior customer satisfaction.


Client Challenges

At CDS, we understand that you are in the business of protection and assurance, today and into the future – whether it is personal, financial asset-based. We partner with you to help your business flourish so that you can efficiently provide these services to your clients. We help you address:

  • Legacy Modernization
  • Value Chain Optimization
  • Increased Enterprise Data Visibility and Business Intelligence
  • Evaluation and Selection of Vendors

What CDS Provides

As a trusted partner and advisor, CDS offers a comprehensive service portfolio to enable business transformations, increase operational efficiency and improve customer experience, helping you overcome challenges specific to your business and stay competitive.

Legacy Modernization

To become more efficient, competitive and responsive, modernization is vital. Every year one of the top “Technology Initiatives” identified in the insurance industry involves addressing legacy technologies.

We satisfy this initiative with insurance industry knowledge, experience with contemporary solution architectures, smart strategies and implementation methodologies to help your business address legacy issues, enhance flexibility and reduce cost.

We assist our clients in developing and executing strategies to modernize core applications like:

  • Policy Administration
  • Claims Management
  • Document Output and Management

Value Chain Optimization

A key competitive strategy in the insurance industry is Value Chain Optimization. This involves efficiently creating value for all components: the carrier, the broker and the consumer. At CDS, we consider the different needs of every consumer in this industry to create a system that adds value throughout the chain. With the ever-changing climate of technology and the insurance industry, value chains must evolve as needs change. As a leading provider of Internet Strategy, Implementation and Integration services, we provide our clients best value solutions. Our leadership is best demonstrated in our focused ability to deliver solutions designed to simplify B2B and B2C transactions.

  • Portal and Internet Strategy and Development capabilities
  • Social Media and Web 2.0
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • “Service-Service” strategies, roadmaps and implementation

Enterprise Data Visibility and Business Intelligence

Running a business well requires knowing everything about it. A clear understanding of the data that runs through your business helps improve product development, claims management, regulatory compliance, and ultimately, overall customer satisfaction. CDS helps you understand and enable end-to-end visibility and intelligent notifications for Enterprise Data.

  • Master Data Management
  • Data Warehouse strategy, development and tools
  • Business Intelligence and Predictive Modeling implementations

Clients want and need the latest in technologies to stay ahead of the curve. We provide all this and more with Data Migration Strategy and Conversion Services to transform systems that compete in today’s marketplace.

Vendor Evaluation and Selection

CDS helps you evaluate and choose the vendor that best fits your needs. We objectively evaluate viable options, focusing on data and facts to arrive at a decision that is in the best interest of your business. Not only do we assist clients in developing “future state” roadmaps for legacy platforms, we’ll help evaluate technology solutions in the following categories, so you choose and use the best combination of tools:

Policy Administration Solutions
Meet critical business goals by utilizing advanced technology solutions with robust functionality to help you meet quickly changing business needs.
Claims Management Solutions
CDS integrates with industry partners (Insurers, Intermediaries and Corporate Clients) through online media to streamline claims processing.
Business Process Management and Business Rules Engines
Improve visibility and optimize business operations through robust collaboration to realize more meaningful customer engagements.
Document Output Solutions
CDS manages and controls the output workflow, avoiding blockage in delivery systems to ensure compliance requirements for timing and tracking are met, recorded and shared with clients.
Enterprise Content Management Solutions
CDS discovers the content, recognizes its value and transforms it into business insight and profitable outlook.
Enterprise Portals (EIP)
Integrating information, people and processes through customized portals.

Business Value

Deployment of a single software platform allows insurance organizations to simplify infrastructure and reduce administration costs significantly – a return that is immediate. We provide value by protecting existing investments with planned integration.

Insurance organizations worldwide assess and make full use of our complete, scalable, multichannel solutions to manage business processes and content. With streamlined operations, your organization provides better service to more customers with fewer interruptions. Almost immediately, you are attracting new business while retaining relationships with existing clients and agents.

CDS’s offerings in the insurance industry help you realize:

  • Increased productivity
  • Smarter planning
  • Reduced cost
  • Superior customer satisfaction