Data Center Services

Powering Businesses with Efficient Data Center Services


Organizations today increasingly rely on internal IT departments as dependencies between business operations and IT become critical steps toward success. This can become expensive. Proficient IT services manage mission critical applications effectively and efficiently, lower costs, increase automation, manage service levels and provide application availability enterprise-wide. Establishing a strong and reliable IT service is essential to building a foundation that supports business innovation.

Industry trends show that most customers have issues related to:

  • Data growth
  • System performance
  • Scalability
  • Effective resource usage
  • Energy consumption
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Migration to new environments
  • Network congestion

Data Center Services from CDS reduce internal IT Infrastructure and operational costs, achieve higher service and performance levels and manage IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively. 

What CDS Provides

The experts at CDS provide services in a variety of areas that support your business. We work with you to define areas of improvement, design specific solutions based on requirements and goals and deliver the support you need to succeed.

CDS provides services in:


Extract maximum value from your IT operations and data management with an infrastructure that supports collaboration and enhances business operations:

  • Consolidate and virtualize to streamline and share
  • Handle incidents and events quickly and efficiently
  • Solutions that scale to your needs
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Leverage offshore resources to keep TCO within budget