Advanced Analytics Solutions

Capture, organize and consume information through powerful solutions that reveal insight and predictive planning in a way that is transparent and useful throughout your entire organization.


Client Challenges

With an explosion in technological advances, businesses have seen an equally alarming increase in data that revolves around all aspects of everyday operations. Big Data creats a critical need for smart organizational solutions and even smarter analytics. Executives today know that there is a goldmine of intelligence lingering in the depths of every aspect in running a business and up in the cloud, that must be captured, embraced and strategically examined to create distinct business advantages through predictive modeling.

What CDS Provides

CDS has precisely the right solution to help you makes sense of Big Data and use it to your advantage. There is great potential in the raw data that is being collected and stored with every business transaction that takes place. With so many transactions occurring today, businesses need smarter and more efficient ways to store, extract and manipulate data, to make the most out of it. Great potential lies in the depths of databases, in-house or in the cloud. We will partner with you to devise a best-fit solution to enlighten your operations.

Key Solutions

CDS offers a full range of solutions to help you capture, navigate, extract and use your data. We have teams of experts in every aspect of Big Data, Social Intelligence and Cloud Intelligence; so, no matter what your preference, we can find a solution that produces results.

  1. Big Data Solutions

    With smart strategies and solutions, we deliver data and text analytics along with various support levels, helping you maintain smooth operations.             Read more »

  2. Cloud Intelligence

    Secure data and predictive intelligence from the new computing frontier. More applications, networking and business operations are migrating in-house to the Cloud. Dominate that space with a solution from CDS.                Read more »

  3. Social Intelligence

    With our innovative ways, we’ll harness the power of the social intelligence realm to capture trends that shape decisions, quickly and precisely.              Read more »

  4. Predictive Analytics

    Unleash the power of predictive analytics to forecast demand accurately, efficiently assess alternative business strategies and cost-effectively implement optimization tools – to shape your ideal future, today.              Read more »

Business Value

Don’t let Big Data become an elusive and unpredictable enemy. Master its inherent power with advanced analytics from CDS, allowing you to see far beyond the numbers and envision a future based on strong predictive outcomes.