DW-BI Strategy Services

The right plans transform bright ideas into measurable success.


At CDS, we put a great deal of thought leadership and project planning expertise into every strategy offering to present a plan that your organization can follow and provides the foundation to a solid solution.

DW/BI Assessment

We help you make improvements based on DW/BI industry standards and best practices. With our insights, you identify specific enterprise-class DW/BI capabilities and corresponding steps required to drive informed decision-making throughout the enterprise.

Our assessment examines your organization’s IT, application, architecture and data. We review the current infrastructure, applications, processes, and if appropriate, your future plans. We share our findings with key players in your solution, so the subsequent system works for all and results in complete acceptance across the organization.  We include the following groups in our assessments:

  • Business users
  • Business and IT management
  • IT support staff
  • DW/BI team

Our comprehensive assessment is professionally investigated and documented by our DW/BI experts. The structured assessment considers factors that shape your system:

  • Organization
    Evaluating the overall DW/BI organization in terms of funding & prioritization, project standardization, functional roles, valuation & risk and the learning approach for prior experience in DW/BI governance.
  • Users
    We look at user autonomy (self-service) and assess the DW/BI environment from the user’s perspective, considering availability of data, analytics, training and support.
  • Technology
    We evaluate the organization’s current DW/BI technology, analytic capabilities, architecture practice, in addition to data acquisition and integration.
  • Data
    Appraising data coverage, acquisition, integration, quality and management, as well as logical and semantic data modeling, data governance and stewardship. 

BI Maturity-01

DW/BI Strategy and Roadmap

Our DW/BI professional consultants help you devise an effective strategy to facilitate future business growth. We focus on five key elements to create a DW/BI approach that works:

      • DW/BI Roadmap – The first step in your DW/BI strategy implementation project.
      • Stakeholder Management – Involving the right people at the right level.
      • Architectural Blueprint – The overall BI component and functional landscape.
      • Capability Improvement – Identify areas to upgrade, enhance or decommission.
      • Implementation Planning – Traveling the roadmap to reach the intended destination.

CDS creates a clear information provisioning roadmap by fully investigating the scope, key participants, target structure, areas of improvement, and method of implementation. With a a sound strategy in place, your organization gains intelligence on productivity, costs and market competitiveness.

DW/BI Tools Evaluation

At CDS, we leverage our industry expertise to help customers choose the right tools and strategies by providing informative assessments and unbiased advice. This results in better selection of BI, Data Warehouse Management, and Data Integration technologies.

Our tool vendor partnerships allow you to secure full vendor participation and timely attention while minimizing risk.

DW/BI Solution Modeling

After initial assessment and strategy completion, our team of specialists outlines and delivers the Data Warehouse design. Our Data Warehousing solutions are carefully modeled employing a proven implementation methodology.

Our Solution Modeling services can be configured to deliver specific offerings, such as ODS Building and Data Mart building.  Modeling services include:

      • Data Mart Development
      • Data Architecture
      • Data Analysis
      • Data Integration
      • Information Delivery
      • Maintenance
      • Operation
      • Support