Meaningful Use Solutions

Understand and realize Meaningful Use conformance to achieve lucrative incentives and ensure your healthcare business operates per expected guidelines as industry regulations evolve.



Mandated by the Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Incentive Programs, Meaningful Use outlines standards that govern the management of electronic health records, providing incentives to providers and hospitals that achieve conformance.  Failure to conform can result in fines.  This makes it highly imperative for healthcare organizations to secure systems that automatically provide for this conformance, seamlessly.

Without appropriate guidance, Meaningful Use can be an intimidating topic to understand and successfully address.

CDS’s expert consultants are there to help. With in-depth knowledge of this mandate, we’ll work with your organization, at all levels, to ensure everyone fully understands what Meaningful Use means and what is involved in attaining it.

Achieving Stage 1 is not the end. We’ll come in and assess your current operations, identify gaps, create a solution, prepare you for attestation and help you meet Meaningful Use with our proven project management capabilities. CDS will not only get you Stage 2 compliant, our setup will make future Stage 3 compliance easier.


Awareness, preparedness and management are key to successful change. CDS delivers all three to ensure we make Meaningful Use meaningful to you.

All health care providers in the pursuit of meeting Meaningful Use face different challenges. While some organizations are just entering the process, others may be well under way. CDS understands all phases of the compliance process, so we can come in, understand where you are at and design a roadmap that takes you to your destination of attestation.

Awareness and Assessment

Understanding Meaningful Use before achieving it is critical.  CDS will lay out all of the facts about Meaningful Use, help you evaluate where you stand in terms of filling gaps and achieving objectives, and aid in successful execution of attestation. Achieving Meaningful Use means avoidance of fines, but more importantly, it means reaping from EHR incentive programs. We’ll identify those that benefit you so you understand what you are getting out of your investment with us. Along the way, we’ll also identify tools to make it easier to navigate this process and present your results.

We’ll work closely with you to identify achievable goals, devise a strategy that aligns these goals with financial objectives and help you realize advantageous Meaningful Use.


Once your organization possesses understanding of Meaningful Use and where you are to achieving it, the next step is to prepare. This means deciding if you have the components necessary to be a meaningful user of an EHR. CDS will measure and assign projects that align to your Meaningful Use objectives. We work from the finish-line backwards, so that smart project planning takes place from day one. If you need to be compliant by a certain date, then timelines must be designed and expectations must be placed accordingly, to help set priorities.

Meaningful Use achievement is not met by just applications alone.  The people behind your operations, who will use your system, need to understand and accept changes to come. Change is not easy, so we guide and assist, keeping in mind the culture in your organization, to help make acceptance and use of the new system go smoothly. Your staff wants to provide the best patient care possible, and we make that happen.

On a more operational level, we assess future capital for your organization, establish governance, charter associated projects and maintain all necessary public relations. We’ll keep you informed so you know how things are progressing, so key staff and decision-makers are aware of developments.

With help from CDS, your organization will successfully capture data necessary for Meaningful Use attestation. CDS puts the tools in place and places the power in your hands to use them.

Project Management

With an understanding of Meaningful Use and preparedness, your organization is now ready for attestation.  CDS will assist in the registration for eligible EHR incentive program(s). Our process for this involves daily project management tasks supporting data capture and reporting that feed into Meaningful Use measures. We provide the tools and processes that make this task more efficient and effective. We utilize vendor-recommended best practices to develop your chosen HCIS platform, to ensure maximum benefit. We’ll test the efficacy of measurement solutions and monitor their performance, to secure expected results during attestation. During the attestation process, we’ll monitor measurement capture to facilitate successful end-results.

Your organization’s understanding and preparedness paired with our strong knowledge of achieving Meaningful Use will help you successfully attest to Stage 2 and realize beneficial financial incentives.

No matter where you stand on meeting Meaningful Use, CDS will help you achieve it.