SAP Implementation, Upgrades, Rollout & Production Support Solutions

An SAP Implementation, Upgrade, Rollout or Production Support Solution from CDS will uniquely meet needs specific to your organization, designed carefully by our experts in business operations.

Data migration

Whether you need a new SAP module, an upgrade to existing one, or any level of support thereafter, rely on CDS to become a partner you can depend on to scope, design and deliver quality.


Our SAP implementation service offers cost-effective solutions to our clients, with focus on standards and strategies that help our clients realize the full value of the processes inherent to SAP applications.

At CDS we offer a full spectrum of SAP system services, spanning from GAP analysis to configuration, customization, enhancements and new developments. Our professionals follow the SAP standard process-based implementation approach. Well-planned implementations with structured framework form the basis of our success in maximizing our clients’ ROI.

Our implementation team will provide:

  • A customized SAP project implementation scope and roadmap
  • Business process design and customization
  • Business transaction customizations
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer
  • Issue-tracking and change management services
  • Go-live support



Upgrading SAP can be a complex process. There are several variables that impact the level of complexity; and, we can help by guiding you throughout the process with plans and strategies.

Our teams have executed upgrades for many versions of the SAP software. We believe in phased, scalable solutions that support rapid implementation with accurate results. Our technical upgrade teams work towards reducing the downtime and duration of your upgrade project. We analyze your existing landscape and design a detailed project plan to ensure successful implementation of our upgrades to provide you with the best solution.

Our upgrade packages include software modifications, patches, go-live preparation plans and quality assurance methodologies along with a detailed upgrade documentation.


Rollouts are quite different from normal SAP implementation projects in that they are more complex and time consuming. They require centrally defining uniform standards and globally implementing them. We attribute the success of our rollout projects to our knowledge of business processes and correct evaluation of the local needs of our client through personal communication.

Most of our clients are expanding their global reach and want to adapt their SAP solution to this structure. Our objective is to create an internationally uniform software landscape by rolling out an SAP solution that meets their needs. Our experts aim at standardizing SAP solutions so that these solutions can be run centrally and connect globally.

Production Support

To achieve long-term SAP implementation success you need to have strong support teams that can address issues quickly and provide timely support. At CDS, we provide a best-fit support model designed around your business model, tools and infrastructure. Our help desks and subject matter expert teams are there to help when you need it.

Currently, our teams are actively involved in supporting a number of SAP implementations in the North America.