Enterprise Solutions

Evolve and dominate with an enterprise solution that empowers from within, arming your business with a competitive edge and strategic responsiveness to market changes.


Client Challenges

Businesses know that in order to be trailblazers and dominate their respective industries, they must be lean, agile and effective.  Strategies that worked five years ago, may not apply today.  With constant changes in the marketplace, products, consumer experiences and technology, it takes a strong, well-defined and precisely placed enterprise solution to manage it all.  Achieving this is not easy, and several factors must be considered:

  • Staying on top of technology trends, leveraging what fits best
  • Applying the appropriate business process given the current marketplace climate
  • Getting the biggest bang for your buck
  • A partnership that works

What CDS Provides

A unique Enterprise Solution from CDS provides value by leveraging the latest in technology and industry expertise. We strengthen your operations from within by harnessing the built-in enterprise solution functionality of vertical specific processes. Our industry specialists possess knowledge in a variety of widely used enterprise applications, allowing us to create a solution that’s just right for you. We ensure solutions that guarantee key characteristics you expect from an enterprise:

  • Bringing business processes to life through industry vertical practices that employ a cohesive offering of technologies that link all your business solutions
  • Providing the option to host your solution in-house or in the Cloud
  • Integration with mobility
  • Leveraging built-in Business Analytics for strategic decision-making
  • Smooth solution deployments, anywhere you are

Key Solutions

CDS offers a full suite of exceptional enterprise solutions that will transform the way you do business and help you grow.  We offer consultation services in business and technology, transformations, implementations, deployments and support.  Choose your path and we’ll be your guide on your journey to success.

Rely on our expertise and deep knowledge of Oracle to deliver Oracle solutions, including Siebel, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards suites. Read more »
Our certified professionals will work with your team to design and deliver an SAP solution specific to your needs today and to carry you forward into the future. Read more »
Microsoft Dynamics
With a complete Microsoft Dynamics product offering, CDS is equipped to selectively design the right solution to manage key areas of your business operation, in an integrated and seamlessly cohesive way. Read more »
A solution in the Cloud may be what you’re looking for.  CDS can leverage the power of Salesforce to help you manage sales, marketing, customer experience and more, with a solution that integrates with existing parts of your enterprise.  Read more »

Business Value

Take advantage of the CDS team to put an exceptional enterprise solution in place, big or small, so you realize maximum benefits of what you already have and adopt the agility to embrace the future.