SAP Data Migration

An SAP Data Migration Solution from CDS empowers you to migrate your SAP data efficiently and effectively. As the need arises to adopt better solutions, count on CDS to make the transition go smoothly, correctly and within budget, getting you back to business faster.

SAP Data Migration

We will supplement your existing delivery team with SAP Data Migration expertise to guide and quality check the overall process. CDS enables companies to migrate large volumes of SAP data quickly and accurately. CDS’s team of data experts utilizes Enterprise Data Lifecycle Management (EDLM), a proven framework and methodology, to manage your data during a large system roll out. We can also help you perform business analysis to prepare for the migration. Most legacy data systems tend to have issues such as duplicates for customer or vendor records across sources. At CDS we use a systematic and well-defined approach to resolve these issues and prepare a golden copy of the legacy data to load in your SAP application.

We deliver with assurance and quality, so you are assured a smooth and correct data migration. To provide this, we:

  • Verify that all the required data is available and that the correct data is loaded
  • Eliminate duplicate or inaccurate data to prevent costly overruns
  • Manage risks converting from legacy systems to new applications
  • Deliver desired ROI on the new application
  • Accurate decision making ensuring data integrity
  • Reduce project migration costs
  • Improve data performance
  • Standardize through an enterprise-wide platform strategy
  • Avail new technologies like Virtualization
  • Guidance on hardware enhancements
  • Ensure administrative efficiency

The CDS data services team helps migration projects Move, Improve, Govern and Unlock enterprise data:

  1. Move

    Extract, Transform and Load data from any data source.

  2. Improve

    Consolidate, Cleanse, Match and Enrich data from any domain.

  3. Govern

    Measure and Understand Data Quality to support Information Stewardship.

  4. Unlock

    Reveal insights from Text Data: Structured and Unstructured.

We’ll work with your organization to manage the project, assess the data and understand the applicable business rules, thus ensuring that you “get your data right” from the start.