Metadata Management

Make better use of your data based on utilization


Traditional systems development and implementation have focused on processes as the foundation of an enterprise, not data.

As a company’s data expands and grows in complexity, it becomes increasingly difficult to identify, understand, and interpret it as it flows through the organization. This makes data standardization, retrieval and analysis a challenging task.

Metadata management is the process of managing an organization’s data assets based on how they are used. Metadata is integrated, linked and centrally maintained across multiple sources.

Our Metadata Management solutions ensure that business data is clearly understood and consistently utilized across your company and ensures metadata is:

  • Created
  • Tracked
  • Stored
  • Monitored
  • Governed
  • Controlled in an organized manner

We help you to extract metadata from various sources, enabling consolidation, cleansing, reconciliation, integration and a correct load into the production repository.

This enables you to manage data lineage, audit, risk and compliance requirements, ensuring quick history retrieval, data standardization, prioritization and accurate trend analysis.

Client Challenges

Challenges that occur when managing metadata include:

Inconsistent storage
Metadata is stored haphazardly in bits and pieces across multiple systems.
No ownership
Lack of management ownership means no one is responsible for various activities on metadata objects.
Not predefined
Metadata management is often presented in different contexts, as many organizations consider metadata management an afterthought.
Low quality
Metadata that is collected and discarded, or not collected for re-use, often results in low quality data.

What CDS Provides

At CDS, we have pre-defined templates, such as the Metadata Management Assessment Report (MMAR), quickly customizable to meet your requirements. Paired with our consulting capabilities, we bring you an integrated range of IT and IT-enabled services.

Our extensive domain expertise empowers us with extensive insights into metadata challenges companies face across the enterprise. Strategic partnerships with leading metadata management providers enhance our knowledge and skills and enable us to develop best-in-class solutions.

CDS helps you implement innovative metadata management solutions by leveraging our vast implementation experience. We:

  • Schedule regular maintenance, optimizing metadata environment performance and functionality.
  • Assist you in managing information such as constraints, syntax, and relationships about the underlying meaning, or semantics, of your data and its structure.
  • Support Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), implement time and resource efficiencies to better understand the information, and enhance your overall business processes.

Business Value

Our comprehensive solutions enable you to locate, consolidate, manage and navigate metadata across legacy systems, ERP packages, and more.

Standardization and consistency in data definitions result in better business decisions and brings you specific benefits, such as:

  • Visibility and control needed to manage change in a complex enterprise data integration environment.
  • Lowered cost in new system integration and development by storing documentation on the data transformation rules, data sources, data structures and type of data.
  • Alignment of business and IT around common terms.
  • Reduced cost and time involved in metadata change process. Impact analysis reports enable stakeholders and stewards to understand thoroughly the effect of proposed changes to all environments, and help control the effect of these changes.
  • Presenting data in a way that can be shared across technical and business users – clear consistency reaps reduced complexity.
  • Developers can achieve greater productivity and responsiveness by retrieving file definitions and physical tables for the development of data movement and transformation processes. Information about data can also be accessed on demand.